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By Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809
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what minimum upgrades are REQUIRED on a 203k? This will show you the minimum requirements for an FHA 203k project Electrical  The electrical system must be a minimum of 100 and with breakers no fuses are allowed.  So if you're dealing with an older home that has a few system is a penny fuses or cartridge fuses they must be upgraded to a breaker type system with 100 A minimum 220 V.     Insulation  Attic insulation must be installed if there is none present.  Many homes were upgraded some years back when R19 was the norm.  It's my understanding that these do not have to be upgraded though we always recommend it as insulation is an easy way to recover your investment.   Weatherization Weatherization includes weather stripping, caulking at the window and door frames, and in general tighten...
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