Sea Clift Estates (Cambria, CA)
By Abraham Chaffin, Cambria Real Estate
(Sand Shell Realty)
Cambria is one of the most beautiful area in the world. The weather is perfect year round, the people are polite, and the beaten path is a short drive away. Traditionally Cambria is thought of as an artsy community with local artists, glass galleries, and antique shops. The Cambria real estate market is also a dominant presence in town with real estate offices on every corner. Cambria has many fun events year round - The Cambria Pinedorado on Labor Day weekend is the largest and most well known of these events and includes a grand parade, carnival, and loads of Central Coast fun. The Cambria fourth of July fireworks and activities at Shamel Park has become a grand attraction for friends and family to visit and share the experience on the beach. Every friday is the Farmer's Market where ...
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