Steamer Lane (Santa Cruz, CA)
By Deborah Ryman, M.A. Feng Shui Services, Santa Cruz County
 Now this is more like it! Cold Water Classic, Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CAA couple of days ago, I posted a blog on my camera battery conking out on the Fourth Day of the Cold Water Classic. Day Four was drizzly, weather-wise, but Day Five was unbelievably beautiful - clear and warm. Day four was on a Friday, so parking was a not an issue - it was a little more challenging on Day Five, a Saturday, but since the weather was so beautiful it was pleasant walking along West Cliff Drive and experiencing the surrounding beauty of the Pacific Ocean.
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By Deborah Ryman, M.A. Feng Shui Services, Santa Cruz County
Not a Great Photo of Steamer Lane, October 12, 2007 - 4th Day of Coldwater Classic - My Camera Battery Died. Those two "dots" in the water are surfers waiting for the waves that eventually came when my battery was COMPELTELY dead.I made the ten or fifteen minute trip across town specifically to take pictures of the Coldwater Classic. I found a parking space right away, jumped out of the car, made my way to the cliff. Point and click and then point and click again, and NOTHING. No juice. The first picture was supposed to be a test. I had just charged my batteries two days ago. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.So click here to see what the Cold Water Classic is really about. The day was not a total loss. I made up for the fiasco by having the best burger you can get at Jack's!!...
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