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By Judy Orr, Scottsdale AZ and surrounding towns
Join us for a fun night out at our favorite local restaurant, Prime Time Restaurant in Hickory Hills, IL.  As you can see from Jimmy's flyer, this gig is to celebrate the restaurant's one year anniversary!  Seems like it just opened. Jimmy and I have dined at Prime Time many times over the past 12 months.  I've gone there with friends, too. I've written more informative posts about Prime Time Restaurant so click the link to find out more details.  You'll see a picture of the building and get the address and more. Rockin' Jimmy Herter will be singing a mixture of songs from the past and maybe some from the near present.  He'll be playing his guitar and keyboards.  He welcomes requests. As you can see, there will be $3.00 shots but I always prefer one of their multiple martini selections....
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