Weston Farms (Duxbury, MA)
By Brad MacKenzie, Turning Houses into Homes on the South Shore
(Brad MacKenzie)
The best trick-or-treat Halloween neighborhoods in Duxbury The votes are in! The best neighborhood for children to go trick-or-treating in Duxbury is, hands-down, Weston Farms! Open the door and come on in, dear ones! Simmons Drive is the main road through Weston Farms. It has two entrances off Route 139, just west of Route 3A. Simmons Drive presents some obvious advantages for candy gatherers. Parking on the roadside is easy and safe. There are three cul-de-sacs on Rachael's Lane, Windy Hill Lane and Orchard Lane. The houses are fairly close together!! There are lots of friendly people at the houses! When you're done at Weston Farms, get your parents to drive you to Prior Farm (Meetinghouse Rd) where there are lots of trick or treaters Meetinghouse Road is across Tremont Street from th...
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