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The International that oversees water levels on Lake Ontario has come up with Plan 2014.Environmentalist like it because it will restore the water levels to a more natural state and rise and fall from two to four feet. This will allow natural wetlands to restore themselves.On the other side of the coin property owners now spend about $20,000,000 dollars each year to prevent erosion and this would increase by about $2,000,000 each year.One of the areas that could see an increase in flooding is Sodus Point, New York where my boat is docked in the summer.Supposedly if the lake rises abnormally there will be a quicker response time to allow water out the St.Lawrence Seaway and should have minimal impact near Montreal.At the moment there are eleven properties for sale and two business's with...
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Travels took me to Sodus Point, New York for a listing presentation during what is supposed to be a blizzard around the area. The drive out was uneventful and I think it went well and the drive to the first showing and conditions put me behind schedule. Here is what it looked like in Sodus     and here are two of the home   If you are an avid ice fisherman,snow mobiler or can wait for summer and swimming and boating this might be the home for you. STAY WARM and Happy Valentines Day.    
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