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By Fulton Gaylord, 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor - Charlottesville, VA
(Keller Williams Realty)
The Five Keys That Are Found In A Mortgage by real estate expert Fulton Gaylord There are items that I like to call the keys that are found in a mortgage. When discussing a mortgage, these are very important to understand. In our discussion we are going to talk about the responsibilities of both the mortgagor and mortgagee. Key # 1 – Pay the main or principal mortgage debt.This is one of the agreements that must be met by the person that is purchasing the house in [Profile.market3]. This person is also known as the mortgagor. So basically this is saying that if you go to purchase a house in [Profile.market3] and then borrow money, then it is your responsibility to pay the principal part of the debt.Key #2 – Keep insuranceThis key states that if you borrow some money for a mortgage, then...
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By Fulton Gaylord, 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor - Charlottesville, VA
(Keller Williams Realty)
Real Estate Expert Fulton Gaylord Reveals Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Charlottesville Virginia Real EstateAs someone who's interested in investing in Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate, you're likely someone who sees opportunity where others see a falling market. The reality is that  "bad" means it's the best time to invest. In this article, I'll show you why now is the best time to invest in Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate.The old adage of any investment is to buy low and wait for it's value to rise, then sell high. The Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate market is different from the stock market where when you buy a stock low you risk losing your money if the company sinks or doesn't come back up. The reality is that real estate will always be in demand, because we'r...
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Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate Agent Fulton Gaylord Explains What Home Sellers Need to Ask Any Real Estate Agent Before Listing Their HomeChoosing the right Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate agent to help you with the sale of your home can seem like a very challenging task. There are thousands of real estate agents in the Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate market, so finding the perfect one that will do the job right for you might seem impossible. However, there are some questions that you should ask any local real estate agent before signing on the dotted line to list your property.First of all, you want to know what the agent's experience level is. However, you should not take this to mean that a new agent wouldn't do a fabulous job for you. What you are looking for is some...
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Discussing the walk through with Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions     An important part of the process of buying a home is the walk though (just before closing). When we do a walk-though there are a few things we want to focus on: 1. Are all the repairs completed and documented? 2. Is the home in "Broom Swept" condition? (a term used in Virginia) 3. Is the home in the same condition as when we wrote the offer? 4. Did the sellers do any damage when moving out? First time buyers of Charlottesville homes need to be aware of these simple steps Sometimes this is a lot simpler said than done.
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When I see something worth taking a photo of I often take it with my Driod phone. Then I post it to my blog site so that everyone can enjoy it. Recently I was driving and looked up... I had to stop and take a photo of what was over head. I just wish you could hear the sound of the flame. Next time, maybe I can do a video! Brief wireless message from Charles (that guy who sells Charlottesville Real Estate)   A view in Charlottesville Originally posted on  
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 There are so many wonderfui homes in Charlottesville and a little snow on the ground makes them just shine! Each home has it own charactor and charm and some homes you can just imagine sitting by a fire on a cool winter night! When looking at a home in the snow you should remember that all the snow will (at some time) melt and in the Spring you will be treated to a landscape that will make your eyes pop!Today the snow started to melt and the roads are cleared (but still a little slippery). Notice the Blue Ridge in the background of this photo. Most of the snow is already gone but what a treat it was while it lasted!If you are looking at homes, land or an estate in the Charlottesville area your first step is to visit my Charlottesville Real Estate website (where all listed properties ar...
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                                       Albemarle and Charlottesville Home InformationThe Real Estate market everywhere is constantly changing and Charlottesville and Albemarle are no exception. As of December 27, 2007 we have SOLD 68 HOMES in Albemarle. There are currently 865 HOMES on the market. Our average DOM (Days on the Market) is at 107 Days (I am interested at how quickly this number adjusts). Our Average selling price is $444,934 and our Median Selling price is $310,000.We have some excellent neighborhoods to see like:GlenmoreFoxchaseOld Trail Forest LakesDunloraClick Here for a link to other Great Neighborhoods in our area!Please visit my website for details about our area and other homes on the market in Charlottesville, Albemarle County and the surrounding counties!Nelson, G...
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By C M C D
NO NOT MY FACE, MY MUG!!! Yesterday we were at the local Kirkland's store in Charlottesville (they have decorations for the season) and while my wife was shopping I saw this mug and had to have it... Only 4.99 and I think I got a discount on top of that!When I brought it home the Snowmen in the house began to Cheer!!! This mug was going to fit right in to our cozy little home. He was just so cute!Well I filled him with Hot Chocolate and whip-cream (I am obviously watching my waistline....grow!) and grabbed the handle to take a drink!Something was different, this was a new twist for me... my hand did not burn....If you look at the handle it is very large. Most of the time with a "HOT" drink, my knuckles get hot too. This was not the case any longer! I now have a New "MUG" for Christmas a...
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