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So I am still dabbling in the world of blue hat to promote my 4MySales Site and the savings of $149.00 that I offer for the RedX expired listing leads system.  In my reading, I have found a few new tools that I am experimenting with.  I recently learned about a loophole that supposedly exists in ...
 have been spending some time in the web underground lately looking at the various techniques that less savory websites use to promote their sites.  Now while many of their tools are just plain inappropriate for forthright professionals to use, some of the tools are simply automation tools to mak...
I updated the link to the older post below.  RedX is offering a $160 dollar savings by registering through the link below.  Their actual offer is 30% off of the first month's subscription and waiver of the $149 start up fee, which is quite a value.   Anyway, here is the link   A few ideas that on...
I received a call today from the expired lead listing company that I have been working with for some time. They offered me a great promotion to share with all of the readers of this blog; a complete waiver of the $150 startup fee for anybody that signs up through this link:
This is just a short list of different ideas to create a viral buzz. Let me know if you have others that I could include in the Viral Book Project. YouTube Video Ideas Create a video that shows listing clients receiving their checks over and over. Nothing is more enviable than watching people re...
Every time I search for great ideas on different viral marketing campaigns, I come up with the same old, create a video, comment on blogs, and create your own posts.  Well, there has to be more out there and I am going to find it.  Therefore, I am taking it upon myself to creat a tool that we can...
A new marketing campaign by Aleve has triggered what may be a fun idea to garner a lot of traffic to your online blog.  Now we know about carnivals, but whose up for a scavenger hunt?  The idea is simple.  Use the online social networks listed on the periodic table of the online networks to creat...
First we had Zillow, then came Trulia.  Okay, I am not sure about the order.  However there is a new tool that may prove to be a usefull tool in the REALTORs arsenal of online resources.  The tool is  a walk score and it is a Google Maps mashup that ranks essentially how...
  Having trouble coming up with something to blog about?  Our friend Jim Cronin over at the Real Estate Tomato has re-published a great list from Teresa Boardman that provides 101 ideas on what to blog about in the real estate blogsphere.  I have included part of the list below, but I did want to...
As you may be aware, I have been working with the REDX and their expired listing lead service for some years.  Originally we included their service offering in our 4MySales REALTOR marketing service, but logistically, it was better to keep the two services separate.  As a result, we have been wor...

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