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  You probably know that inbound links are one of the best ways to increase traffic through your web site.  This is true for 2 reasons.  One reason is that there are more links to your web site for people to find.  This is not the primary benefit of many inbound links however.  The biggest benefi...
    I started my business career as a plain and simple Realtor.  When I started, things were slow and I quickly found I had nothing to do with the majority of my day.  I mean there was free cell, solitaire, video poker etc. but instead, I began building my own web site. I simply couldn't afford t...
This is the first (probably not the last) blog I have written in which I'm LOOKING for information.  I've recently discovered the need to add a feature to my web marketing efforts.  The capability of an RSS feed for keeping updated info on my blogs, sites, profiles and other web pages is another ...
Gulf Shores welcomes back the winter guests.  Each year thousands of retired couples trade in white snow  for the white beaches of the Gulf Coast.  These retiree's are affectionately known as snowbirds.  These snowbirds start migrating down in November staying anywhere from a month to several mon...
Today I thought I would add some content to my blog network in the form of - A few reasons to sell yourproperty using a real estate professional.  Whether it's a home, condo, commercial land or building,it's important to know all you can know.  There are some really exciting things in here if you...
There is something to be said about owning the nicest condo on the Gulf Coast.  The definition of "nice" could also be in the eye of the beholder.  I recently read an article about someone who paid over 3 million dollars in cash for a condo in Turquoise Place of Orange Beach, Alabama.  I understa...
Did you know football favoritism is hereditary?  Wait...wait, let me explain.  As a child in Gulf Shores, I can remember my father yelling at the television on Saturdays for the University of Alabama football to pick up the play.  While they may have been too far away for this to resonate, I wasn...
Pensacola, FL will again host the Blue Angels Air Show on November 11th and 12th over the beautiful Gulf of Mexico at Pensacola Beach.  The air shows are easily reached by boat, but beware of making the trip in anything sized less than 20 ft.  In recent years I've personally made the trip many ti...
It's official.  The classic rock band 3 Dog Night has been booked for the "Moon Pie over Mobile" festivities for New Years Eve 2011.  The news was announced during a meeting which included city officials, business leaders and represenatives from the Retirement Systems of Alabama.  Mobile mayor Sa...
GULF SHORES, Alabama -- In addition to sampling seafood, listening to music and looking over art displays, visitors to the National Shrimp Festival may also respond to surveys as part of an effort to determine the economic impact of the annual celebration. The Alabama Gulf Coast Area Chamber of C...

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