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We are almost 4 months into the year and the sales numbers are heading into the right direction. With respect to residential units sold, there has been a 34% increase over last month! The average residential sale price in Oakville has also risen by 3% from last month. The Town of Oakville is a be...
Well today was one of those days when the dog starts howling WAY too early for any human to be awake...  he gets hungry and I swear he sounds like a rooster in his attempt to get me up.  His name is Zeus and so now my husband and I affectionately refer to him as our ZOOSTER. Since there was no po...
I moved to Oakville, Ontario last year and LOVE it... What a beautiful place to call home and raise a family- no kids yet but hopefully one day... We take our dogs on walks along the dozens of trails here...  Our home backs on to a ravine... Only a 5 minute drive to the lake and an adorable 'down...
My broker sent this out... quite funny:   Happy Holidays everyone...
As most people are... I am on Facebook and just joined a group called FACEBOOK BUSINESS EXCHANGE... There was a question posted about what one could do to improve their business (this group is not specific to any type of business in particular).  Here are my two cents: 1) Have goals- small ones a...
Being a fairly new resident of Oakville; I was pleasantly surprised to have a representative from Welcome Wagon show up at my front door.  Now, I hadn't heard of this service before but it is a very welcoming visit!  What began in the 1930's in the tradition established by the pioneer women who d...
One of the major reasons for disputes over renovation work is the lack of a contract. The best way to avoid this is to draw up an agreement describing the work to be done and what it will cost to do. This contract documents the agreement between the parties and becomes a legal document, binding b...
Protect Your Home - and Your Investment! Your house is more than the place where you live. It's your home, and your most important investment. Carrying out a regular program of maintenance and repairs can help you protect that investment for as long as you live in your home, and help keep your fa...
Ottawa, October 6, 2008   Statement by the Minister of Finance on the Unfolding Global Market Turmoil The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today issued the following statement: "Tumultuous shocks to the global credit system, beginning in the United States and now spreading to Europe,...
Energy efficient renovations offer good return on investment REALTORS® are often asked to suggest improvements that will make their clients' homes more saleable and provide the biggest return on investment (ROI). Kitchen and bathroom upgrades still offer some of the best ROI. But now, according t...

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