Some interesting news this week from the media, Zillow aggregating the county and averaging a 6% loss in value and Forbes showing that San Jose is the best Sellers’ market in the US. One wonders who to believe and that really depends on which of the San Jose markets we look at, doesn’t it? Here a...
San Jose Mercury article on April 30th Recently I've seen so many spam emails telling me about funds that I can claim I really didn't believe this one but I did check out the website and found a few hundred dollars for a friend. He is sending in his claims. It is simple to use and returns immedia...
Here is a link to this week's Weekender from Financial Title Company It is a PDF file so you can download and print if you like or simply display in the browser.
Why should I use your services to buy? Many reasons and here are just a few: a. Protect your transaction with my Insurance and Legal backing. b. I can negotiate from strength with more background knowledge. c. I am up to date with all recent changes affecting your target Market. d. I have extensi...
Why should I list with you? Many reasons and here are just a few: a. To Protect your transaction with my Insurance and Legal backing. b. To get a professional and realistic value for your property. c. Let me help you understand the available options to Market your home. d. I can advise on worthwh...
Just back from Ben & Jerry's who are celebrating their anniversary by giving away, yes FREE ice cream cone to all visitors to their stores today. They do this every year so there is another chance next April. Here is a link with addresses of participating locations:
These are this weeks percentages of properties in Escrow as a percentage of those available for sale.It is recognized that areas above 30% are a seller's marketArea   2       Santa Teresa      20.6% Area   3       Evergreen           19.9% Area   4       East Valley         14.2% Area   5       N...
Is it a good time to sell, now? That really depends on the reason for selling. If upgrading then the answer again is “Now”. If you are moving out of the area then again “Now” is a good time as most other areas are more distressed and even more advantageous for buyers. If it is to release equity a...
When is a good time to buy? Now. No, seriously it is the best I have seen for many years and given the history of the area and looking at historical statistics it is unlikely to get much better before interest rates are headed back up. My advice is to understand what you can afford and find somet...
The question most asked of me every day.In this county the answer is quite complex and very different from most of the US and indeed somewhat contrary to the predominant news broadcasts. True there are some foreclosures and short sales but we also see areas where prices are increasing and did so ...

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