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I once thought you could stage a house by putting a bottle of wine on the kitchen counter, and towels and toilet paper in the bathroom. Hmm... Well, I did advance somewhat from that stage, when I decided to stage the rehab house I did last year myself. I sprung for some curtains & rods, (complet...
 Every year, at Portge Lakes, they put on a boat parade for the 4th of July celebration. Above is one of the entries from this year, decorated like a viking ship. Portage Lakes is a series of small lakes, connected by channels and man made canals. There are 9 connected lakes, and 4 others that f...
When is a rusty screw more than cosmetically un-pleasing?  Answer: When it is inside an active electric panel, securing a wire to the panel breaker. These screws have become rusted because of high hunidity in the house and especially in the basement where this panel was located. Rusty screws los...
I was called upon a few days ago to come out to a lady's house and investigate the "noises in the attic, and sometimes the windows". After thoroughly looking around the house, up in the attic, and scrutinizing several of their new vinyl replacement windows, (about 1/2 hour after I arrived) I fin...
Well, I have been here on AR for about 4-5 months now, and somehow have gotten to the #2 spot in Akron, Ohio. In Summit County, though, it has been see-saw back and forth between #2 And #3 between me and Stow/Hudson realtor Dawn Maloney. Currently, she is The #2, and Mr. David Childress of Akron...
Last night was the 4th of July, and usually we can expect to have some fireworks going off in the neighborhood backyards. But last night, I think one of my neighbors got ahold of some "commercial" fireworks  and was setting them off in the hood. They shook my entire, house, lit up my back yard, ...
My wife and I went to see a local parade last night in Fairlawn, Ohio. Most everyone was sitting in fold-up chairs, with some sitting on the curb, or on blankets. When the color guard came down the street, holding the American flag, the flag of our state, and the American Legion flag, most everyo...
Wow, I just realized that the first part of this blog is entirely missing, I apologize. I wrote it, but it somehow disappeared. Anyway, OSB (stands for "oriented strand board") is a builiding sheet material that is commonly used in building new homes. It is used on roofs, exterior sheeting, and ...
For a number of years now, I have always wondered about what the exact reasoning that manufacturers of automobiles have behind their use of this "Check Engine' light. They have always had the technology to make it much better, and much more useful than it is. How? When that light comes on, don't...
Many times, during home inspections, I come upon areas that are locked, or can't be accessed for one reason or another. They might as well have a sign that says 'Home inspectors- KEEP OUT!" And everytime I see this, it just makes me wonder what they are trying to "hide", and makes me determined ...

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