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It made you skin crawl to think that you are going in there , and you are actually expected to touch things, open things, and look under things that are so dirty, you would normally just walk away? I was asked to inspect a house that was so filthy... with trash, animal droppings, and strewn debr...
Up to about a year and a half ago, deisel fuel had ALWAYS cost less than gasoline, which made sense, since deisel is a less-refined petroleum product, that takes less processing to produce. Well, now Deisel is running up to 25% MORE than gasoline. This little fact really afffects our economy, an...
   Many houses have grading issues both around the house foundations, and in the landscaping and grounds that cause a variety of damage, some obvious, and some not so obvious. This house had most of them  exhibited all at one property, mostly due to neglect. Improper landscaping at the front of ...
The indians have done it for hundreds of years, and some say, with great success. Do a little dance, say a little chant... whoa yea, let it rain baby. The BEST thing about Active Rain is .... response. When you post a blog that is of interest, there is response, most times almost instantaneous r...
             Well, I just took a long motorcycle ride through the heart of "Amish Country" here in Central Ohio, and after getting to see a close up look at their lifestyle, I'm inclined to believe that they might have had it right the whole time. Let me explain:   I saw farms and fields being t...
Well, with this post, I will ALMOST be at 20,000 points. But then it doesn't really seem that long ago that I only had 10,000, so maybe I'm learning how to play this game a little better. Hopefully, I will keep on learning how to make blogging and linking more profitable in the near future.
Does anyone know exactly what the "tag cloud" is and how it is best supposed to be used? It's really still kind of a mystery to me what it is supposed to do, exactly? Is it better to have more tags, or less? How do you choose your tags, and what should they be? I know whatever it is, I'm probabl...
Well, it may not actually stink, but sometimes there are odors in our homes that are difficult to track down the source. Let's explore some possible causes: 1. Sink and tub/shower drains all usually have a "p trap" or "s trap" that is there to prevent sewer gas smells from entering the house. How...
Using the blog customizer is free and easy. There are two sites I will show you, but the first one is just for customizing your blog header and backgroud, and I think, is the easiest to use. It is: Use this one for easily customizing your header and backgro...
I saw a post this morning that got my attention.. something about "Buy this house, and get Whiter Teeth". Turns out that somewhere, someone is offering 2 Zoom teeth whitening treatment coupons as incentive to buy. Don't get me wrong, I think white teeth is a fine thing. But, I guess I just have ...

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