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It's nice to get a fresh perspective in pretty much anything.  I am thankful to have made a connection with Taylor Fyhrie of Just Snooping and asked him what his experience as a Gen Y'er buying a home was, and what methods he used to purchase...Read more about it here...don't be afraid to comment...
I loved reading this post!  I have one comment though...SOME agents will work for free...meaning that they will work with people that will never do a Real Estate Transaction because they are afraid to actually close a transaction!   I've seen it over and over these agents I say, find a...
The Winter Olympics will soon be under way and personally, I CAN’T WAIT! I love to see it from the very beginning…Getting to know each of the athletes as they work to make their dream a reality. Watching them compete on a level that so few of us (aside from die-hard athletes pro or not) will ever...
I'm on a plane heading to New York for a meeting with some of the best and the brightest in the Real Estate world (at least in New York) It's a red eye flight and everyone around me is resting, some even snoring, and here I sit posting a blog.  What can I say...sometimes the most random things in...
I love how easily Jeff explains what is happening in his market place!  I always quote him as someone to look to when learing to blog.  His voice is clear, his information relevant, and I see him as a credible resource for his community...just had to share that! Cherry Merry!New Construction Home...
You got it Brad!  I'm going to go and FAIL big time! :-)ActiveBrad thinks we should ALL wake up every morning and get excited, motivated, and inspired to fail. This is how we learned to successfully crawl, walk, talk, and run.  Succeeding at ANYTHING in life is not much different.  So go out ther...
Educating Real Estate Agents On How To Use Modern Technologies To Better Their Business Will Never Be The Same! On January 4th, 2010 dozens of the most respected educators in the real estate industry converge to host most exciting event of its kind, the Virtual Real Estate BarCamp. Virtual Real E...
Always respect this guy!Lots of buzz regarding the lawsuit Lending Tree has initiated versus Mortech, producer of mortgage rate pricing software, for apparently licensing their technology to Google for a service that will compete with Lending Tree…from Yahoo Finance: LendingTree filed a lawsuit y...
A few years back (I am sure you are fully aware) homes were selling like hotcakes at a Waffle house after church. During this time, homes were selling almost the same they went on the market! Buyers were rushed into buying homes. Some lenders were “qualifying” the buyers into homes that were wel...
Its funny how quickly time passes. One minute you’re toasting soon to be un-kept New Years Resolutions, next thing you know, you’re preparing, once again, to carve a turkey at Thanksgiving. Where does the time go? What’s the hurry? Over the summer we couldn’t wait for fall to get here. No sooner ...

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