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Alan Pinstein is Co-Founder & CTO of TourBuzz, a software company that makes a virtual tour platform for professional real estate photographers. He is also founder of Showcase IDX, a software company specializing in a Wordpress IDX plugin designed to be beautiful and convert leads. Alan shares his views and experiences about online real estate marketing on this blog.
As a follow-up to my recent "The Future of Real Estate Video?" post, I have another amazing piece of technology prototype eye-candy that is sure to have a future in real estate videos. It's called VideoTrace, and it's a research project out of Australia. Given a video of the inside and outside of...
We've been recommending that people use one of two panorama stitchers for some time now, PTGui and AutoPano Pro.  AutoPano Pro works great if you shoot with a very wide-angle or fisheye lens, but if you're shooting with a 10-shot or 12-shot rotator head, sometimes AutoPano (or for that matter, mo...
While I have been previously critical of broad use of real estate video, I saw something today that totally amazed me, and if it becomes integrated with video software, might change my mind about real estate video. What I saw was an amazing new piece of software. It's a research project at this p...
Just wanted to share this great article & review I found on Autopano Pro, which is a promising stitching tool.  Autopano Pro runs on Mac, PC, and Linux and has some pretty neat features: Automatically detect one or more panorama scenes from a folder full of images. Ability to stitch any overlappi...
I ran across an article filled with great stats on how pictures affect the sale of a listing.Quick Summary: Listings with more pictures generate more leadsMore pictures = quicker sale (1 photo = 70 DOM, 20 photos = 32 DOM) More pictures = higher list-to-sale price (1 photo = 91.2%, 6+ photos = 95...
I came across an amazing presentation put together by the California Association of Realtors called Realtor 2.0: The Next Big Thing. The report, published in October 2007, details the changing nature of today's real estate customer -- more connected and more self-sufficient. Understanding the fin...
Ok, this question is going out to agents, home buyers, and home sellers...When you open a virtual tour and the cheezy music starts playing, do you:Think it adds "panache" to the listing and makes you feel better about it ORImmediately reach for the mute buttonWe got a lot of requests to add backg...
Just a quick blog post to share some notable real estate photography resources I've come across recently. Blogs, tips, and tricks: Photography for Real Estate Blog - Great blog about RE photography and tools, and an awesome Flickr pool & group to get constructive criticism on your technique HDR B...
In this episode of Simplify your online marketing strategy, I'll talk about how to convert a web site visitor into a lead.From the moment a new visitor arrives on your web site, he will be evaluating whether or not to stay on that web site. And of course, as soon as he decides to leave, you've wa...
Real estate agents face a dizzying array of choices when it comes to online marketing strategy. Vendors confusing things even more by trying to differentiate their offerings, which makes it hard to compare the alternatives.Follow these tips to un-tangle the mess and simplify your online marketing...

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