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Do what I just did.  Go into the mls and look for property that sold very recently and in a short period of time.  You may be surprised when you look at the walls inside.  Not all white or beige! The above color was taken from a recently sold home and it was used as an accent color in an alcove ...
When you stage a bedroom, you have to remember that people often don't come into the room if you don't grab them at the doorway.  For a room to say "come in", you often have to "invite" the people in by appealing to their senses. Would you sleep in this room?  Does it say, "come inside"?  I thin...
Above is the photo of the sink side of the 5 piece master bath as it appeared in the mls three years ago. Below is the same photo with some light added and cropped to remove the bedroom from the shot. Above is the same room with some changes and no lights on.  Would it look better if the bedroom...
I took these from my bedroom window.  Enjoy!  Awesome!  And I didn't even have to leave the house!  
One of the hardest parts of being a Real Estate Agent, is that one minute we are advising a Seller and the next minute we are advising a buyer.  I will not make light of is very difficult to be in that position and where understanding what Fiduciary means becomes so very important. I j...
The other day I wrote a post on The Best Song for Sellers and Seller's Agents and how to utilize it when getting a property ready for sale. Here's the song I use for buyers:  Unlike the song for sellers, which is more useful to the seller this song is more useful to the buyer's agent than the buy...
For many, many years, I find myself humming this song when evaluating what I need to do to get a property ready for market.  So I thought I'd pass it on to you for what it's worth.  This version happens to contain one of my favorite actors and TV shows as well.  Now don't cheat!  Play the song fi...
I love to study and observe the thought processes of small children.  We are encouraged to care for children.  We often feel it is our obligation to help children grow out of their child-like qualities and become "responsible adults". And yet I believe that the true purpose of children is to tea...
To some extent, agents and other industry professionals who blog, have become a group within a group.  There are many benefits to blogging.  I'd like to list several that I have found to be worthwhile. 1) Early on in blogging, your primary motivation may be to teach or enlighten the public about ...
I currently have the privilege of helping my daughter and her fiance find their first home.  I really feel "of value" in quite a different way than "Mommy".  When your children or other family members are looking for a home, don't fall into the trap of thinking that working with family is trouble...

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