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"Ardell and Kim are outstanding real estate agents, and have gone above and beyond in getting us our dream location.

Our search took several months but they never lost patience and were always following up with good advice and good information. They were with us in the entire process, being there for us at short notice to look at properties, helping and educating us on various pros cons, giving us lots of advice throughout the process, and helping us make good decisions.

Above all, they have very high integrity. They were not afraid to turn us away from many, many properties even though they had a commission to lose at each point. They were more concerned that we get the right property for us at the right price. That is admirable indeed.

In addition, Ardell and Kim have an enormous amount of experience, both in evaluating properties, as well as evaluating buyers, sellers, and the 'other' agent. You only need to look once at Ardell's Blog and you will know they are super-smart.

 In short, they rock!!"

Ganesh & Kala (Google)


"Ardell and Kim are patient and trusted advisors, and we wouldn't think of making a real estate decision without them. We found their expertise to be reassuring and their transparency to be refreshing.

After being burned by an agent in the past we were skeptical about the value that agents could offer, but the level of knowledge, professionalism, ethics, and client dedication that Ardell and Kim brought to the table far surpassed our expectations. We recommend them highly."

-Erik & Chris


"...I found Ardell. Full disclosure - we're working with her now. I'll tell you this, she walks the freaking walk..."



"Is it real you ask? I keep pinching my arm just to verify and although I'm still not fully convinced, I'm pretty sure it's real... I went from discouraged internet home seeker to proud home owner in 2 and a half days. Couldn't have done it without you Ardell.

 Thank you so much."

"Jack" - As Good As It Gets


If you are relocating to Seattle, see the link below for an ongoing discussion that has lasted for about two years between Seattle Area residents, agents and people moving to Seattle.  You may find your questions and answers addressed there by others over that time.  It is clearly one of the best sources of info for people thinking about Moving to Seattle that is available on the internet.

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Seattle, Seatttle and Seatle

Remember, the info is in the comments, not just the post itself.

The majority of my clients already live here and are both selling and buying in the area.  Many are selling in Seattle or Edmonds or Shoreline or most any part of North Seattle through Mt. Baker and Leschi (I do very little if any real estate in West Seattle), and are moving to the Eastside and often to Kirkland, Bellevue or Redmond, but sometimes Kenmore and Bothell in the Northshore School District.  Lake Washington Schools and Northshore Schools being my primary focus on the Eastside.  Kirkland is annexing, or expected to annex, some areas toward and to Kenmore.  So the Juanita and Finn Hill markets are interesting and more affordable at times.  The new (not there yet) Totem Lake Mall will also be an interesting development as will be the revamping of the area near Overlake Hospital and Microsoft.

I have assisted buyers in the purchases on the Seattle side, but those clients were very internet savvy and did a lot of the looking on the internet and did drive bys as well.  Rarely do my clients want "tours" of homes except on a first time out.  Mostly we target homes to see via the internet and jump up and meet at only the best homes.  Buying a home and the home search process has gone way beyond looking at what is "for sale".  Often it involves the home listed 30 minutes ago and finding property that is not for sale.  Life has changed and me and my clients run at the top fo the ridge in that regard.  No old fashioned real estate except for my "having their back" part.

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Real Estate related posts focusing on the Seattle Area including Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Green Lake, North Seattle and around Lake Washington to the Eastside aka either side of the 520 bridge.