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There is often a lot of confusion regarding the terms "Transparency", "Authenticity" and "Credibility" when discussing blogs and blogging. That someone is not Transparent, Authentic or Credible when it comes to their blog, does not translate into someone being a liar and a cheat.  Unfortunately I...
Seattle was doing very well relative to the rest of the Country until the mortgage industry impact in September of 2007. How much will the changes in the mortgage industry affect us here in Seattle? Tonights data is continuing to show dramtic reductions in the number of properties sold and is sta...
There's no way to avoid getting entangled in a short sale these days.  Even if you aren't looking for them, they seem to find you. I have had two instances with a short sale recently, and did them years ago when they were common prior to the market going up.  So I thought I'd outline a few import...
For those of you who are following the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World contest, I wanted to share this piece of information form another site. Of course, if you go and ask Google, they make it very clear what counts: Having good quality, regularly updated content Having a clear structure ...
I am instituting a Peer Support Group on Wednesday Night at 5:30 to 7:30 this week.  Future dates to be announced. What is that? It's a night where agents get together to do whatever they just don't get around to doing. I have to write personal notes to my past clients. Jeremy wants to Cold Call....
This is the post that moves me to the #1 Real Estate Agent in the State of Washington here in Active Rain.  The spot became available when Rich Jacobson took a job at ActiveRain and vacated the spot.  Before that time it was not possible for anyone to achieve that position, given the numerous poi...
There was a time when attention to these issues was not important...but that time is so OVER!  Those of you with real estate licenses for only a few years, especially here in Seattle where the market has been hot during that time, need to change your practices a bit. Don't rely on the fact that y...
Please join me in welcoming, all the way from Georgia, Jessica Horton to her new, soon to be role, of Broker of Brio Realty in Bellevue Washington.  Many of you will know Jessica from her blog here on ActiveRain. My initial 90 day position as Broker was extended for 90 days when we decided to mo...
We had a fabulous time there last year.  Brad Inman and I have very little, if anything, in common.  But I appreciate what he does for our Industry and you should support his efforts.  He really shows a genuine concern for assisting our industry in any way he can.  Not by holding his finger in th...
Every week I have been tracking the sales stats for King County and visiting the Broker's Opens in Bellevue, to get a handle on where this market is going. Last night, and every Sundy night, I posted the King County stats.  Number of properties sold for the last three months ended January 31st co...

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