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One of my evaluation customers who sends me work indicated that when I get to 60 total BPOs I will begin to receive BPOs directly to my email, exclusively, with a time limit to respond before it goes to the "free-for-all".  I'm on my 13th one now and at this rate I should get to my 60th one maybe...
After spending several months away from AR with medical problems, I'm back at least for now.  Do the rest of you guys have medical insurance as a realtor?  Are you on your spouses insurance plan?  I hope so.  I'm with United Health Care which includes both major medical, hospitalization and presc...
Already the new year is off to a great start.  If you're an agent contemplating your next move to quit I recommend you do as I do when it looks like it's time to throw in the towel.  Wait 24hours, get some sleep, see a movie, take a trip, go to lunch with someone you can't stand to be around, go ...
Just a heads up on items I found going through real estate journals.  A well respected agency here in the Dallas area was noted in the Dallas Business Journal (pg 3, Dec 5-11, 2008 issue) of another idea from thinking outside the box.  They have gone to banks and have solicited their REO departme...
One of the first tasks that my first agency firm wanted all new agents to do was to write a quick, brief business plan.  From my business background, I kicked one out in no time and set about doing the plan.  I started by writing a summary, a description of the entire plan, and then I wrote out t...
I finally finished my 2nd BPO after 3 rejections and it took a week doing the comps on the subject property in a subdivision with a lot of REO's, foreclosures, and new notices to be foreclosed on.  My hat is off to Pro-teck for being patient and communicating with me to arrive at a good solide op...
Just finished BPO #2 with Pro-Teck.  It was an interior and other than the interior pictures that had to be taken, it was about the same as the exterior.  It took more time to complete due to the order needed comps to be as close to the subject property as possible and there was limited comps for...
Man, I'm thinking that it's probably a good idea to start reading up on property management.  I've had two clients in the past week, one who wants to lease out her property I have listed for sale and the other who wants to purchase another distressed property and rent it.  Both are considering le...
I was holding an open house once and an agent popped in, toured real quick and then asked me why I was holding an open house.  She seemed impatient, said it was a waste of time, so I quickly responded about the way I see it-a way of meeting people who might be clients, prospecting, a way to learn...
I have a client that I've listed her property.  Because of the slow moving market and the many calls as to whether my client would be interested in leasing her property is beginning to soak in.  With 6 people ready to lease her house, she's now thinking of leasing the property, but she asked me t...

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