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I'm often asked what causes the stock markets to have such large swings.  One day all seems fine, and the next day the Dow Jones is down 1,000 points and a few days later, there is a recovery when the market recovers the 1,000 point loss plus, say, an additional 250 points. CLICK THE BAGS OF MONE...
How many years away until you will retire?  It used to be the answer was usually 65, but as time has passed, retirement is all over the board.While 65 is still popular, many figure out how to retired in their 50s, while others are sure that they will work into their 70s.And then there's the quest...
WHY USE A REALTOR? I participate in a neighborhood blog that's a ":chapter" of a national blog.  It's called NEXTDOOR.  Perhaps you do, as well, in your farming area.Several of my Nextdoor friends asked me to explain why it's of particular value for anyone to use a Realtor. This is the video I pr...
There seems to always be talk and discussion about whether or notthe Minimum Wage needs to be raised.  Some places, primarily on theEast and West Coasts have raised theirs. And rather than make thingsbetter, it has hurt their economy. Housing has become tight for lower income residents, and a sig...
Social Security ProblemsSeveral recent studies have shown some interesting facts about our Social Security Administration and how our deposits are being handled on our behalf.Here are a few of the major points: There are approximately 46,000,000 Americans getting a Social Security check each mont...
This is a brief video where I explain that non sequiturs have no place in preparing for your financial future.  Non-Sequiturs vs Wealth Building In addition to marketing real estate, which I have done since 1966,  for a couple of years shy of that, I have been what people now call a "wealth coach...
I really don''t know how long I've been posting on ActiveRain, but it's probably been at least 10 or 12 years.My biography says I've been a Realtor for 51 years and I've been a private Financial Advisor for a couple of years longer than that.  And both are true. In recent months, I've pretty much...
  For whatever the reason, how the taxable property is appraised and assessed in Texas is a mystery to the majority.This year, property owners must file their written protests by May 15, 2018.  In the main, there are no extensions granted.  Property owners will find protest forms at their county ...
Donald Trump Here's a story that interests me.  IMPEACHMENT.Meanwhile major newspapers and magazines, including Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, have spent thousands of dollars finding ways and writers to match a story with the models, writing remarkable irresponsible pieces about President Donald...
You see that thing up there?  How many of them do you suppose you have in your wallet? If you've had yours for several years, you probably got them when the Prime Rate was no less than 4%, but actually probably a bit more. The average interest rate you agreed to pay for use of your credit cards a...


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