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   Someday, I'd like to hold an employer-required class for real estate service company employees to reveal to them a number of things that they've either never been taught or never bothered to consider. One of those things I would like to drive home, and then drive home again, is that the real e...
  I am having the most interesting experience.  I am representing the buyer and an agent with another company is representing the seller. She has begun copying my client with all of her diatribes, and now they are apparently exchanging emails and making decisions. Today we are scheduled to close,...
I often wonder how much of the negotiating jazz that another agent is giving me has even been discussed with their client. Where do they learn that behavior?  Is it from those TV reality shows where the agents are dancing with zillion dollar apartment listings in Manhattan? Well if it is, that st...
 IRBY HALL - TULANE UNIVERSITY, NEW ORLEANS There were two new dorms when we arrived at Tulane in New Orleans in 1958 to begin our freshman year. They looked alike, except they were mirror images of each other. We were assigned to one called Irby Hall. The layouts were a bit weird.  There were fo...
No one wants to hear about what I used to do in the dark ages of real estate when I had Adam and Eve's Garden of Eden for sale.  I know that. But every now and then, I have to use myself as an example.  This is one of those times. I founded and ran for a number of years two real estate agencies. ...
I was reading a piece about a fellow who has a formula he says causes most of his listings to sell in five days. Here it is:      Day 1    List the house      Day 2    Do not accept any offers. Create fear of loss and higher bids      Day 3    Continue to not accept offers      Day 4    Host open...
            Ebby Holliday                       Mary Frances Burleson Ebby Halliday, Realtors, is one of the largest privately owned real estate brokerages in the country.  I don't know their latest figures, but the last time I looked the firm had brokered more than $7 billion in one year. There ...
Today is my birthday.  I'm not telling you that to get you to comment, "Happy Birthday, Bill." I have an entirely different idea in mind.Gaido's is, by far, the most famous seafood restaurant on the Texas Coast, and it is on Galveston's seawall in my hometown.I've not physically lived in Galvesto...
  I asked in the question and answer forum of ActiveRain if it would be better for their customers if banks were to pay a salary to those who market the bank's financial products like mortgages and equities, rather than a commission. Most of you said you thought it was better that they remain on ...
       I wonder the validity of the wisdom that let NAR and the various MLS systems allow third parties to provide our total listing information to the public. I personally believe that decision has watered down Realtors' ability to have knowledge of who has an interest in their listings.   It ha...


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