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   Winnipeg Real Estate: Experimenting With SEO! An AR Project!!Richard Fyfe, a college buddy of mine an AR member and part of one of the most succesful Winnipeg Real EstateTeams got together this past Wednesday to brainstorm on conquering Google, Yahoo and MSN in his respective market. After an ...
Just another video - found this one on a post on
    Here is a list of the latest freebie posts i have had:Free Virtual ToursFree Real Estate FlyersFree Logo ContestDon't forget to join or see the progress of the Rainer's SEO Guide - The very first free e-book on SEO made by you!Click Here to follow the development.Enjoy!   © 2006 Guru Home Vis...
    Lately, I have received requests on making a GURU Tutorial on how to delete private data from your browser. This Guru Tutorial covers how to remove your: cookies, browsing history, temporary Internet files and passwords from your browser. The Tutorial is done using Internet explorer 7, howeve...
   Hi There, Just playing around with this new template and the HTML editor hehehe.  Well i might as well write about something, so i thought i would write about the SEO implications of where your hosting provider is located. If your domain is a .ca,, .us, the search engines believe those ...
    Real Estate Logo Design Contest!  Hi Everyone! Just thought id make life here on AR even more exiting hahahah like thats even possible.... but hey just putting my two cents in here and there... The first 100 Active Rain members to put a comment on this post enter the raffle to win a Free Real...
Hello Everyone!!!!I wrote a post about 2 weeks ago regarding How to use google docs to create an automatically published Marketing Report for your clients! :)I mentioned i was going to make a Flash Tutorial on it...So here it is:
We now submit your listings for FREE to the following sites:Citycribs.comGooglebase.comEdgeio.comMove.comOodle.comSample Real Estate Flyer From our Free Flyer Software:
Ok, so i was just finishing my last post and saving it into google docs when this brilliant idea (i think) occurred to me. By using the "publish"feature on google docs, you can create a Marketing Report for your clients that automatically changes every time that you make a "weekly" update to it. ...

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