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My partner Tamara Baker, wrote a post on direct marketing to condominium units and the importance of personalisation.  You can read about it HERE.As i was reading her post, i remembered about a little project i never got to implement. Back when i was an agent, i had the idea of developing a very ...
    So as many of you know i just launched (free real estate flyer software) and its in need of some link love! "I have something you want you have something i want - show me some link love and i will give 199 AR members a free yearly membership to create unli...
This video i found on youtube is fantastic - Relevant to everyone online - somewhat relevant to SEO somewhat relevant to everybody on Active Rain...Enjoy!!!
Just got this spam message through AR! Sorry if this does not correspond in the group i posted it in, i think it's important were all aware of this and help fight it.WARNING THIS IS CLEARY NOT LEGIT!Name:anneEmail Address:anne.kouadio@yahoo.frSubject:Hello Dearest one,IP:
Yes that's right!!!! I just came across this very neat product that will let every Active Rain member chat with blog visitors for FREE...I signed up at  Its quite simple:Open an accountCopy and paste the code they give you at the end of every blog post by clicking on the html button...
Hola a toda la comunidad habla hispana, Mi nombre es Bruno Roldan, llevo ya varios meses disfrutando los servicios de la "Lluvia Activa". Soy el presidente de Guru Home provedor de Toures Virtuales ilimitados por solo una membresia de $149.99 al año.  El Jueves pasado, empezamos www.g...
  Real Estate Flyer Templates - No Software Required! By Bruno Roldan - Thank you active rain!!!! It has been only 3 days since we officialy launched and the traffic has been spectacular! Many people have signed up, however, a common quest...
Today we launch our free web based flyer software under our Guru brand!!! After 3 months of working on we have officially launched it!!! There's no catch, its 100% free whether you create 1 or 1 million flyer's!!!Highlights of our free flyer software:Instant l...
If you like playing around and checking out what websites rank, if their html validates, or checking out back links of websites that rank high for one of your keywords then go to and download SEO for Fire fox.   I’ve had a great time playin...
Do you have a website that receives little or no leads? Do you provide great information on your website but simply get no calls? Do you get your traffic reports with hundreds of visitors a day but are lucky to get 1 or 2 leads if any a month? A landing page is most commonly defined as the first...

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