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As a native New Mexican, I'm living the dream in the City Different, which is local's pet name for Santa Fe. Since I was six years old, growing up on a farm in very rural northeastern New Mexico, I've wanted to live here, and now I do (finally made the move in 2012)! I have a successful real estate business here, so my blog will contain lots of tips on that side of my life. But I also just love New Mexico and Santa Fe, so I want to share as many helpful hints on how to live like a local, whether you're coming for a weekend visit or planning a lifetime here.
When I first got my real estate license, 14 years ago, I tried to be everything to everybody. I wanted my clients to think that I knew the answer to every questions. Even if I didn't, I'd sometime bluster my way through a conversation, providing marginally accurate answers to their queries about ...
In my pre-listing and listing presentation, I include the standard "Tips for Moving" page on which I list moving resources and tips. One of the sentences reminds clients to be sure to keep their important documents with them when making their move, especially in the event that selling one home wi...
I love Santa Fe. It's such a privilege to live in this small city (population 70k).And I love my morning walk through my historic downtown neighborhood. Every season seems more beautiful than the last.But obviously, early spring is pretty stunning. Wish you were here!
It the term "fail forward" makes sense to you, then you'll enjoy this blog post. If you only want to hear about how other Realtors do it right every single time, you can skip this one and go on to someone else's inspirational writing.As of this morning, I have officially been looking for an amazi...
If I’ve heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times, “I love the New Mexico Sky!” Our skies can be breathtaking at all times of the day, but there is something special and magical about our sunsets. Every evening seems to begin with lots of color and awe.Here are my 4 picks for the best places ...
I posted earlier this week on the Art of Homes tour, something that Keller Williams Santa Fe does to underwrite ARTsmart, a non-profit that keeps art in schools in Northern New Mexico. So today is the big day, the beginning of of the Art of Homes Tour. I thought you'd all enjoy seeing where I'll ...
Listen, folks, I live here. I know all about how amazing my City Different truly is. I grew up on a dryland farm in northeastern New Mexico where we all watched the sky and prayed for rain every day, and then when it hit, we prayed that it wouldn't rain too much. Just enough, please God. I watche...
If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend in Santa Fe, other than trying yet another fabulous Santa Fe restaurant during Restaurant Week, here's your answer: The ARTsmart Art of Homes Tour, hosted and underwritten by Keller Williams. From noon to four on Saturday and Sunday, you can ...
Long ago and far away (or at least five years ago), I was a partner in a brokerage in my hometown. Easy Peasy. Like shooting fish in a barrel. If someone walked through the door, they were looking for a house and generally knew my built-in reputation. My Daddy's a deacon in the Baptist Church. My...
I'm new to this community, so let me give you fair warning - I'm am open book when it comes to blogging about my passions, my past and my aspirations. One of the reasons is that life gave me great gifts - a wonderful family, many friends, a beautiful place to live, a wonderful career, and two oth...

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