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Every agent dreams of putting their listing into the MLS and then immediately getting an offer … sorry to say, it’s usually not that easy... although absolutely wonderful if that happens. The most trusted name in real estate B2B email marketing for over 15 years, has just launche...
When it comes to real estate technology companies, there are a lot of companies that are fairly new and entered the industry after the housing market did what it did years ago (the thing that will not be named). What a lot of companies forget about is not only your satisfaction as the agent, but ...
A true industry first for real estate, Inman news says the Zip Your Flyer E-Flyer App “ensure(s) delivery of agent-to-agent marketing materials” in a recent 2018 review of the App.Released in 2018, the internationally patent pending Zip Your Flyer E-Flyer App for real estate is a game-changer for...
Your Buyer Needs are a big deal in this market. We are in constant communication with agents nationwide, some are feeling the listing shortage more than others. One request we have heard over and over again recently is the need for real estate E-Flyers that are not listing related, but Buyer Need...
Here are Some Easy Ways for Any Agent to Make Your Listing Photos Look Better!Photos can make or break the sale of a listing, yet not all agents are able to hire a professional photographer. At Zip Your Flyer we see hundreds upon hundreds of listing photos per day and these tips and tricks can re...
Let’s talk marketing. As an agent, listings are your business and good marketing will grab other agent’s attention quickly as intended. Agents use all sorts of tactics to get their listings noticed; whether it’s an E-flyer, a real estate agent event, listing websites, photo tours… etc. These all ...
When you get a listing, there are so many things to do! You must get it into the MLS, you have to write about the house, you need to take pictures, put up signs, get it syndicated online all over the place, make flyers, put it up on your website, get a virtual tour created, schedule open houses, ...

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