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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. If you've ever had to share feedback on a listing, photo or web page with a client - you know how frustrating it can be.  You stare blankly at an empty email. You get frustrated that your hunt-and-peck typing can't adequately convey what you're tryin...
So you think you have a great website. Are you sure? Is your navigation crystal-clear? Are your calls-to-action written in plain English? Have you created smooth conversion paths? Your analytics package (perhaps you use Google Analytics, Woopra or one of the many other options) probably gives you...
I have run two small companies. Both possessed a "Phone Box," a mysterious lug of technology bolted to a closet wall. Verbal communication depended on it, yet no one - not even the IT Guy - knew what to do with it or to it. That required a "service call" from a technician specially trained in th...
Not so long ago, your presence on the Web could be understood, metaphorically, as a storefront. A Website was your singular place on the boulevard of bytes. That metaphor no longer holds. Today, your presence on the Web is more accurately understood as something more fluid, distributed and ambien...
Sometimes you just can't be there in person. Maybe a client is relocating from out of state. Or you're wooing a potential buyer from overseas. Or maybe the person you need to present to is just across town and traffic is jammed. What do you do? You could email them a file. You could walk through ...
The real estate transaction is freighted with documents. You fax them. You print them. Sometimes you even drive them around in your car like clients. It's crazy. There is a better way.  While blogs, mobile devices and social networks have claimed the tech limelight over the past few years, docume...

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