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In this blog I want to share some thoughts that have helped me build a healthy notary public business in Southern California (specifically Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties).
I keep hearing how alternative energy is a long way off. However, I've started seeing commercials for Honda's hydrogen car. Also, I have friends in Germany who have changed their cars over to propane. We also have several hybrid cars on the market right now. With oil choking our wallets, we don't...
Today's task is web marketing. I put my web page up yesterday. It's very basic, but it's a start. Today I'm looking for places to post my web address to help drive search engines and loan agents to my site. I've found a few free notary lists to join. Do any of you Active Rainers have any suggesti...
The REO market is growing and FHA backed loans gain popularity these days. I thought you'd be interested in the changes on the 90 day "seasoning period" for FHA backed loans on resale transactions.   FHA waves 90-day waiting period for resales
I've been thinking of ways to get some free marketing done and create some relationships at the same time. Last night I had a no-brainer idea that has started some good dialogue. I attend a mega church in South Orange County. I got to thinking there must be several members in the home loan busine...
If you've done notary work for loan modifications, can you give me some information? I am doing one of these on Tuesday and don't know what I'm getting into. I was told that the client already has the docs so I can't even look them over. Is it true that there are only a few pages? I was told that...
I work with high school students at my church as a volunteer. This is always a bitter-sweet time of year for me. I'm super glad to see them graduate and move on, but it's also sad to see them go. I'm fortunate to have over-acheivers to work with. Many of the students under my care have better tha...
Hmmm... according to CBS news, the prices are even getting too high for the Saudis. The problems, however, go beyond supply. The dollar is weaker. There's also greed. Higher prices are brought on by speculators. Eariler this year, Saudi Arabia told Bush they couldn't pump more. However, now that ...
Today for me was marketing day. I've been trying to find a couple more loan agents to use me as their notary public. I decided to think back to past conversations I've had to think of leads instead of cold calling. Here's what I came up with: 1. My friend Steve is best buddies with the owner of a...
I'm at the research stage of getting into commercial loan notary work. I've got plenty of experience notarizing home loan documents. However, it's been a little discouraging trying to learn about commercial loan notary work. Any Active Rain-ers out there doing notary work for commercial loans? Do...
Have you ever been sitting in church and the pastor breaks out an illustration about his family? Have you wondered what he had coming to him (or her) after service that day? A friend of mine posted this video on his blog. I don't know where he got it, but you've GOT to see it. It's incredibly awe...

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