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I had a potential client ask me that the other day and that is hard to understand and explain. So let me shed some light into the answer for not only me, but my industry in general.  We are property managers and our phones only ring for two reasons: either someone saw one of our For Rent signs an...
3 Brands to Trust and Why...what an interesting concept. So here goes... Harvard-Is it a Brand? Or a college? I think its a brand because it is more than just a school for rich kids to go to, it has a plethora of business applictions. It's industry information and publications and insights get in...
Recently a condo owner returned from a week away to find that his condo was flooded, and their ceilings fell in, and lots of personal belongings were ruined. Why you wonder? Well his neighbor, who was no longer living in his unit, had an upstairs supply line to his toilet break and flood both uni...
I hate to use the "I told you so" or throw out my over 30  years of property management and real estate experience, but seriously? Are you listening at all?  So many times people buy a home or get the idea to invest in real estate to make money because they see it on TV or read it in a magazine a...
So every condo/HOA manager charges to manage your Association, but do you know what they really charge and how they get paid?  On the surface it seems pretty straight-forward, they present your Association with a contract and the price is usually so much per unit managed per month. Or maybe just ...
Have you reached a point in your life and career that you need a reboot? Sometimes you can no longer adjust or tweak or bend it one more time without a total reboot, without reaching for that button that you hold in until the machine is completely dark and begins to reboot to a new life with a fr...
I want to blog, but I have nothing......I only blog when I have a powerful thought, a message to get out there, something that can help others. I simply have no motivation to blog these last few weeks. I have been underwater at work kicking as hard as I can to keep my head above water. I hired 2 ...
I often here people say "I had an investment property but the tenants were bad so I sold" or "Why do my tenants leave every year?". So here is a thought for you: Tenants don't lease to move every year, moving is a hassle! Tenants move because of repairs not made, crappy homes, mean landlords, etc...
So I cancelled the newspaper yesterday. Not because I wanted to be huddled over my ipad to read the daily paper each day, or to save a few dollars, but because the paper couldn't be delivered to my house before I left for work making it irrelevant.  I don't go to the bank anymore. Not because I w...
Almost every day I get a call from someone who thinks that property managers have more power than we do...either referee or police power or able to give parenting lessons! ....the neighbors cat sits outside and stares at her cats in her windows making them agitated.....they are having company Tue...

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