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White Mountains of Arizona Blog
Good Sunday Afternoon Everyone, I hope this finds you all enjoying as nice a day as we have in Arizona.  It is probably downright hot down the the Phoenix area, but it is about 72 here, partly cloudy, with a little breeze; Yes is a perfect Spring Day. This past week I was making arrangements for...
Good Evening Everyone, They're back! More and more foreclosures are hitting the market again.  We've been hearing about the Shadow Inventory out there for months, well they are finally hitting the market.  Of course, just in time for the Spring buyers to come out and start looking.  Is this a goo...
Good Afternoon Everyone, So what could I possibly be talking about when I say April 1st is the beginning of the end? The Home Buyer Tax Credits of course. You only have 30 days left to locate your new home and get it in escrow. Once it's over, it's over. At least that is what is being said right ...
Good Evening Everyone, As most of you do we have an automatic notification system on our MLS so as new listings surface they go to our clients based on saved searches we have done for them.  Tonight I got an email from one of my propects asking for pictures on a listing.  There were none of cours...
Good Evening Everyone, Wow, what a busy week. The buyers are returning to the market and as a result the inventory is dropping. I have been searching out properties for people for a couple of days and I am amazed at how few listings I have been able to locate for them. There aren't too many forec...
I know many of you have been doing a lot of Short Sales in your market but they haven't been to plentiful here.  We have had quite a few of the REO's but our Sellers have been hanging on by their fingernails hoping things would get better.  Now they are frustrated because their homes don't get an...
  My Sunday Evening Lament, I was such a nice week.  The sun was shining every day, most of the old dirty snow went off around my house, and there were even signs that the lawn was starting to turn green.  Not tonight, it's snowing again and it's supposed to snow on and off until Wed.   It is tim...
Good Evening Everyone, I wanted to focus on a different angle in tonight's post.  There has been so much publicity about what great deals foreclosure properties are, that most buyers in the market today think that is what they simply must have when they are buying a home.  Even if they have to s...
For the second time this week I have found myself in a multiple offer situation on a REO or Short Sale property.  One buyer lost out because he low balled, the second is still waiting because the REO Asset Manager came back and asked for the Highest and Best from the various bidders on the prope...
Time is flying by and the tax credit deadlines loom.  I have noticed in our area that the move up credit hasn't really done much for our marketplace.  A few first time buyers have ventured out to see if they can capture the First Time Buyer credit but move-up buyers have been non-existant.  I be...

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