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White Mountains of Arizona Blog
  Good Morning Everyone, Spring, the season of change.  In the White Mountains of Arizona that means it is "wind season".  We have several seasons in the White Mountains, not just the usual four.  First we have Winter, a time for snow, cold, temperature extremes that can exceed 40 to 50 degrees ...
Good Morning Everyone,As I was getting dressed this morning I started to think about the seemingly never ending changes in the Real Estate market.  It brought to mind several clichés, like "The Party is Over", "The Fat Lady is Singing", but for me it brought to mind an old favorite, "Alice's Res...
    Making your Own Luck!   I gave this challenge a lot of thought and I decided to write about the challenges the Internet has made to our business.  How to overcome the invisibility and the obscurity of prospective Buyers and Sellers trolling the internet looking for property or an agent to li...
  Happy Sunday Everyone,  Smart phones, I-pads, tablets, all are wonderful tools in the Real Estate business.  But what about those awful pictures that are showing up on the MLS?  Pictures for the MLS need to be a certain size to show properly when enlarged. What I am seeing are far too many pict...
  Good Morning Everyone, Buyers are starting to venture back in to the marketplace in anticipation of the Spring offerings of Homes for Sale. What they are completely unprepared for if the lack of choices. The inventory of homes is way down and those that are coming out are at higher prices than...
Happy Monday Everyone, Well it is a White Mountain's White Out today. It is snowing hard in the White Mountains. It is the first heavy snowfall we have seen in a while. It has snowed up higher at Sunrise Ski Area but we have had little more than a dusting in the Pinetop area for quite some time....
Good Morning Everyone, Do you have a home in Pinetop Country Club you would like to sell? How about Country Club Manor in Show Low? From Pinetop to Show Low, AZ, now is the time to list your property. All indications are that the buyers will outnumber the listed properties this year and that mea...
With all the information out there on the internet it may seem like that information is an open invitation to buyers to drive around and look at property. Nothing could be further from the truth. A sign in a yard or an advertisement on the internet is not an invitation to go drive around, peek i...
Good Monday Afternoon Everyone, If you notice the title of my post today you will see I want to address the art of buying or selling Real Estate. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, when you are dealing with a Real Estate transaction there has to be an understanding that everyone is going to ha...
Good Sunday Morning Everyone! I saw an article a few days ago that talked about how Buyers make mistakes during the loan process when they are buying property. I thought it made some good points but perhaps needed to be expanded a bit. Below are tips to keep things moving forward in today's chal...

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