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This past two weeks two Realtors have approached me and asked how to get more business. I used to teach sales but now I rarely give any suggestions unless asked specifically. Well, I was asked so here are my simple words of sales wisdom for today. The STP idea comes from a sales book by Tom Hopki...
More than 30 years ago a gentleman purchased his first home. He did not qualify for the loan so his sister and her brother signed onto the purchase and the new loan. Over a 15 year time period the gentleman paid the mortgage in full and lived in the home mortgage free for 15 years. The sister and...
Recently I have written about sales and why sales people don't succeed. In May I wrote Why Sales People Fail (the real reason)  and in April I wrote People Will Ask You, "What's the secret to your Success?" For several years I taught a sales course in my own company; Sales Magic. During those yea...
This is from the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association. Among the rules and obligations you need to be aware of for a Reverse Mortgage are:Everyone listed on the deed of a home owned by someone seeking a reverse mortgage must be over 62 years old;If one spouse is under 62, that person may...
One of our Loan Agents /  Realtor was returning phone calls and mis-dialed and called another customer instead. When the customer answered our agent apologized and then engaged in some courtesy small talk. Then the person who was called by mistake stated "I have been thinking about selling my hom...
Ah, from way back. In the play Fiddler on the Roof Tevye said to Motel, "You're just a poor tailor." Motel replied, " That's true, Reb Tevye, but even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness."I was talking to an extremely successful property manager today and he mentioned that he planned to d...
Today I was reading thru some of my very old blogs searching for ideas. In 2009 I was a blog machine; maybe the blogs were not that good but we get good by doing things over and over again. October 2009 I wrote 48 blogs and in Q4 of 2009 I wrote 112 blogs. Volume and Consistency were my focus. Qu...
Last month a client came to me for a cash out loan to put a Solar Roof on his home. He told me that a percentage of the new tiles will actually be solar panels and that he will have no electricity bill and be able to sell money to a local utility. That was the first time I had ever done a loan fo...
Recently I wrote a blog title People will ask you "What is the Secret to your Success?"  In that blog I gave really easy path to fantastic sales success but my guess is that if 100 sales people read the blog then maybe one  one (1) - one- has analyzed what I wrote and has implemented the idea.So ...
What is the key to great success ? Testimonials. Ah ! You are thinking ask people to write you testimonials and to get a lot of testimonials; a lot of 5 star Yelp reviews and Google + reviews.That will work but the key to great continuous success is to GIVE testimonials. Here is the challenge; fo...

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