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  Back in 1998 -2004 My wife and I owned a Dairy farm in Missouri Our milk house was a three on a side /side open gate type parlor, and I milked the cows on one side and my wife the other , That is when she wasn't line dancing to the country music we always had playing on the radio. We had develo...
When working cattle one of my jobs was usually running the squeeze chute. You pen the cattle first then usually(If the pens were built right, )You worked the cattle counter clock wise around in to smaller and smaller pens until you are at an alley way leading to bright sunlight for the cow ---but...
  Back in the early nineties the Real Estate market was just rolling along at an even keel not much happening, not much fluctuation. I went along with another Broker to a listing appointment, as It was closer to my home than the listing Broker, and It was a Horse farm. I am not an authority on Ho...
This morning an individual in our office received a phone call from a debt recovery company, in reference to an unpaid credit card debt. The person on the other end of the phone I know was just doing their job, but after tying up the phone for approximately ten minutes they informed my colleague ...
    Some people make it a career ,others get to live the life for several years ,most only a few, and some never at all.I'm talking about playing the game of football. I started playing when I was probably eight years old with my older first cousin ,Allen and anyone else we could get to play. My ...
  In the movie Lonesome Dove A scene involving Cap'n Call the trail boss and retired Texas Ranger played by Tommy Lee Jones, His Son Newt, Played by Rickey Schroeder, and a US Calvary unit, captured my imagination the first time I saw it and continued to make an impression, there after. In the sc...
  As Vice Pres, acquisition for Flag development My first assignment was to find developable Florida real Estate to invest approximately thirty million dollars. Of course that was the fun part of my job. One of my responsibilities with Flag development ,after we had all The land bought, was inter...
One Sunday I went for a walk back into my cattle pasture behind the house ,just watching the cows as they munched on grass, and just slowly making their way around . The baby calves were either playing ,(They like to play tag,) or just lying in the sun taking a snooze, always close to their momma...
  Back when I was growing up we lived about a mile and a half from my first cousin Allen so I really didn't have anyone my age to play with until my dad hired a new Hired man named Mr. Bradbury .Mr. Bradbury had four sons and one daughter, and they lived in the old house that my dad grew up in. A...
I was watching the commercial expired list right before the forth of July and saw a ten thousand sq. ft. warehouse listed for 1.1mil had expired. A lady in my office had told me that she had a buyer for exactly that so I sent the owners of record a letter. The fourth weekend came around and I wen...

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