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All things considered, it's pretty easy to understand why people are so compelled by real estate in Loudonville. What is NOT so easy to understand, however, is why Loudonville is named Loudonville. As we covered earlier, the area is named after John Campbell, the 4th Earl of Loudoun. But why, exa...
  Welcome back to Live Out Loudonville, a blog about life and real estate in Loudonville. We left off part 1 of our look at the history of real estate in Loudonville while the area was still part of the Patroonship of the van Rennselaers, and now trace the history of Loudonville from The Last Pat...
  This, dear reader, is (as you've probably discerned) the inaugural post of LiveOutLoudonville, a blog about life and real estate of Loudonville, New York. Being the christening entry, and seeing as we're starting at the beginning, it only seems fitting that we begin our look at Loudonville in i...

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