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  If you are looking to offer the best follow up service that is available on a budget you should attend this FREE class!    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________  Thursday, 4/2/2009 12:00 - 1:00 EST FREE  https://www1.gotomeeting.com...
There is a marketing tool that has a new greeting card editor system that is changing the life of many people! The people that are getting cards in the mail and the people that are on the sending end of things... Here are stories that I recently heard that really showed me the power of this perso...
    Let's face it... The question of the day, just about everyday is this: How "is" your business?      The real answer is possibly written all over your face with new wrinkles, red eyes from lack of sleep or your suffering is showing with all of your new gray hair or for a few lack of hair by pu...
Help! I am looking to have some new signs made! I am need of a new look! I have found a great source www.buildasign.com as I have used them for banners before but never signs... Any suggestions? Any great resources would be appreciated...
Would you like to get a pay check for doing very little work? Would you like the pie in the sky answer to making a great income in real estate?   Tip # 73 of the Top 100 Tips to Launch Success in 2009:  Realize that if you are an agent and your market is really slow you can still make money by re...
My precious daughter is 10 and is always asking me what it is like to be a mommy, to drive my big car, to work and what it feels like to be married to her wonderful daddy... Oh how I would love to paint a pretty picture and tell her that everything is always great and that her daddy is always won...
Yesterday I listened to the leaders of our world and the word "responsibility" rang loud in clear to me and I am sure many others. It lead me this morning to share with you a simple truth. I am sure you have heard this before but it rings true in the current economy that we all must be "responsib...
Tip #58. KNOW what your top 5 competing REALTORS do to market their homes they list. I have had enough emails and calls on this top that I felt it was time to blog about it! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's face it.  A "good" REA...
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