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Two and a half years ago, my husband and another agent decided that they wanted to have an office in downtown Tucson. There had been some action down there - businesses were starting to move in and open up again, theaters were bringing in amazing talent and, well, that's where a renaissance was s...
How many times have we heard that?  You've done your listing presentation for a potential client in a neighborhood where you've spent a lot of time researching home sales, area events and so on but don't get the listing. Why? The sellers have an old family friend who's an agent. You then do a lit...
The subdivision is called El Encanto Apartments but locally, we call them the El Encanto Condos. El Encanto was built in the early 1940's as housing for military officers at Davis Monthan Army Air Base (as it was called when first established) during World War II. They have kept their charm over ...
I spent my morning watching a septic certification. I'd never been through one before so it was a learning experience. As I listened to their initial report, this blog post came to mind. It was obvious that: A. The previous owners had never used/maintained a septic tank/field before and B. Didn't...
The space shuttle Endeavor made a special flight over Tucson this morning at the request of its' last commander and return Tucson resident, Mark Kelly. He wanted his wife to see it one more time - his wife, of course, former AZ Representative Gabrielle Giffords.This photo was taken from our offi...
I'm seeing situations starting to pop up again in a lot of blogs around the internet. Buyer calls an agent and asks them to show them a home. The agent asks THAT questions: "Are you working with an agent?" More times than not, the buyer responds with one of the following:1. I am but my agent is o...
  I married my best friend, Kent!!We couldn't have asked for a better evening, surrounded by wonderful family and friends
A few comments on my post yesterday, "Congratulations on your new home! My work here is done - NOT" inspired this post. In my entry, I mentioned a Deed Scam and some of you commented that you'd never heard of it so I thought I'd dedicate today's post to it. This will be short and sweet because th...
The inspections have been done, papers have been signed and you have the keys to your new home in your hand. Movers are coming and you are busy getting settled into your new home, new neighborhood and, quite possibly, your new community. Your REALTOR® has called to make sure everything is ok and ...
Thank you Anna for writing a blog about this. It's so sad that people in a position of power can think they can take advantage of people like this.Lawsuits against 2 AZ companies - Loan Modifications Targeted Latinos     “There is still a significant amount of fallout from the mortgage crisis, an...

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