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Fred Glick is a nationally recognized, award winning, mortgage and real estate professional, REALTOR® and UpFront Mortgage Broker® with many years of experience. He has closed over $1B of transactions over his career.
Read all about it!  Click here for a copy of the lawsuit against the Fed's rule on loan officer compensation.
NAIHP has announed that the lawsuit against the Federal Reserve will be filed Monday moring. The action is being taken by NAIHP to stop the Feds from limiting the income of mortgage originators, brokers and bankers but not banks. More details will follow on Monday, but now mortgage professionals ...
Last night on a radio show, Marc Savitt, President of the NAIHP and fellow board member Fred Glick talked about the Fed's Loan Officer comp rule and announced the name of the Congressman that told them to do it. Are real estate agents next?  Listen in! Listen to the whole 1/2 hour broadcast by cl...
I’m writing you today, not as President of NAIHP, but as a 30 year veteran of the mortgage brokerage industry. On Saturday afternoon (February 19th), NAMB released a video by GA Chair Mike Anderson, where he stated, “The time has come to take the next step.” He was speaking specifically about th...
Is your home lsiting with a real estate agency that does not care about your safety? I don't mean that the agents are terrorists, I am talking about how safe they make your home. Most home in this country and especially Center City Philadelphia where I am domiciled, agents throw a lock box on you...
HUD and the White House came out today with ideas on what to do about the future of mortgages in America. They give a few different ideas going forward and place into thought the idea of FHA and a guarantee from the government on a loan with a private funding pool for reinsurance. Now, the repor...
Just imagine everything looking like it was going smooth. You sold your listing of 9 months, worked out the short sale on the first with Bank O ‘Merica and a second with Bumble Bee Savings and Loan after going through 3 cell phones, 2 email accounts for because of space and a heart transplant. Y...
Yes, Virginia (and PA and CA and everywhere else in America) there are overpriced homes listed.Because of over-silly homeowners, desperate-for-a-listing agents and just plain stupidity, many homes that are listed have prices set for a house that is so high above reality, you, a potential buyer ar...
Still depressed that the $8000 tax credit is gone?Well, there are still deals out there as a first time buyer.Interest, real estate taxes and certain times PMI/MIP is fully tax deductible. You can actually have a higher payment than you think because the IRS is subsidizing it for you!The other th...
Sometime sellers, their agents, builders or developers will offer over and above the normal buyer agent commission a bonus commission to get a buyer for their property. Huh?  So, you are telling me that you have added an amount to the sale price and my buyer will pay even more for the property?  ...

Fred Glick

Changing the Story in Real Estate & Mortgages
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Fred Glick is a nationally recognized, award winning, mortgage and real estate professional, REALTOR® and UpFront Mortgage Broker® with many years of experience. He has closed over $1B of transactions over his career. Fred is the Principal of U S Spaces, Inc and U S Loans Mortgage Inc., Partner at, an arithmetical way to search for property and is President of the UpFront Mortgage Brokers. Fred has been featured for his real estate and mortgage expertise on CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR's Marketplace, CBS News,, Philadelphia Inquirer and other publications. Please see for media replays, licensing information and social network connections. After a couple of cups of coffee, Fred writes smart, fun prose about real estate, mortgage and/or politics at his blog, twitter and Facebook page. He is also an avid ice hockey player and city bike rider. Additionally, Fred is an active Board Member at the non-profits, Hidden City Philadelphia and Culture Works Philadelphia.