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HouseSetters Home Staging Services is one of the few home full-service home staging services in the United States. We do online consultations, have a warehouse full of furnishings for vacant houses and teach Realtors how to stage like a pro! Whether you live in Kingston New York or Kalamazoo Michigan we can help you sell your listings!
As a home stager, I work with agents and sellers and never meet the buyers. Well, last week changed that! I pulled up to my 1800's staged house in New Paltz NY with my movers to remove the furniture and there was a towering white-haired gentleman on the front porch! He shook my hand and introduce...
Thanks to the Murphy Group in Kingston New York for this blog post on the Ulster County Fair and the food contests. I've missed the New Paltz fair for several years now, so I'm planning to go this year. I moved up to the Hudson Valley in New York in 2004 and I still can't get over how beautiful i...
Yes, in fact, many homes can greatly benefit from a little bit of re-arranging and accessorizing. I recently make similar changes to a house for sale in Rhinebeck, New York and the Realtor was very pleased with the new "look" and got much better feedback from potential buyers. Sometimes when work...
  It is wonderful to see real estate agents taking the time to make suggestions on how clients should get ready for a showing. Too many agents are afraid of offending clients and just don't step up. Thanks Herb for your list and for encouraging other agents to go out on a limb and suggest that se...
Put your best space forward Stagers boost sale price by subtly altering a home's look and feel  When she put her house on the market, Dena Roy had already downsized, moving a lot of her personal stuff into boxes stored in the basement. She’d heard that it’s important for sellers to “depersonalize...
Will your real estate agent go out on a limb for you?   If you are a savvy seller, there is a good chance that you are interviewing more than one real estate agent. So, if this is the case, how are you going to choose one over the others? Certainly, all of them will let you know how they are goin...
Yes--we are most definitely looking for those May flowers after all this rain! It sounds like Red Hook New York is going to be on the map with a flower sale! Let's hope that the skies cooperate this weekend---lots of soggy yards and too wet to mow lawns--makes this home stager an unhappy camper!!...
Recently I told Rhinebeck, New York clients to rip out the carpet that went up the stairs and through the upstairs hallway. When selling your house neutrality is king!! Sometimes when I do a staging consultation I have the unpleasant task of telling a client to remove window treatment that they p...
  Great advice! No one likes to do double-work but a new exterior picture without mounds of snow should be on everyone's To Do List! It was a difficult winter with no place to put the snow, so many photos are not very flattering. The leaves will be on the trees shortly so new exterior shots will ...
This week I taught a staging class to Realtors. I put together a PowerPoint presentation and talked a lot about how to get clients on board so that they do the work. I likened it to putting down a base coat. I REALLY enjoyed teaching and am going to launch an Agent-Stager mentoring program. I hav...

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