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Air Duct Cleaning $39, There's something you should know..... One thing I can't stand is misleading advertising. Recently I received one of those coupon envelopes that contained an ad from a supposed duct cleaning company offering to clean your whole house for $39. There was some fine print so I ...
Another Duct Cleaning Scam Exposed, Score one for the honest Duct Cleaners Our industry like most has its percentage of scammers looking for a quick buck. Unfortunately people are often lured by a too good to be true price only to end up paying more for less. In this piece by WDTM channel 2 news ...
I am often asked "Do I really need to get my ducts cleaned, my home is brand new". The answer is a resounding yes. I have tried in vain to get builders to clean their air ducts before buyers move in. Even before the market crashed the attitude was always if they can't see it why bother. I have he...
Please view the brand new DUCTZ Identity Commercial!  Don't miss it!   Are you a homeowner or business owner that wants your heating and cooling system to run as efficiently as possible while distributing cleaner air throughout the home or building?   ...
Growing up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn in the days of Mayor Koch and the Italian American Organization I dont think the thought of marching in New York's St Patricks Day Parade ever crossed my mind. Fast forward 30 years and here I am, the school chaperone accompanying my son's Jazz band (from PA) to...
Air Duct Cleaning by DUCTZ of the Greater Pocono Area reminds you that February is Dryer Vent Safety Awareness Month!!!   It's February! And like me, I'm sure the first thing you think of in February is your clothes dryer vent. J  That's right it's Dryer Vent Safety Awareness Month. What you migh...
www.ductz,com Attention consumers and business owners: Are you a consumer looking for a contractor that's  certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association to clean your air ducts and furnace the right way, the first time? Are you a business owner looking for a licensed and certified contr...
So you have decided to get the duct-work in your home cleaned. You search Air Duct Cleaning and call two local service companies for estimates. I walk in and tell you its going to take about 6 hrs for myself and a helper to properly clean your system. One of my competitors walks in and tells you ...
This past holloween nothing frightened me more then the sight of the oil truck pulling into my driveway. As I sat there contemplating putting another layer of tyvec house wrap around the "exterior" of my home it occurred to me how many open window "Fresh Air" minded type people must hate this tim...

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