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Chocolate  Therapy   There is such a thing, and I thought it was a joke... and it produces a lot of funny comments, of course. this is my shortest blog yet!! ok, we could talk about the competing merits of acupuncture, but let's not.
  does your city have??? urban bike share: Denver follows European example, we all can consider this concept, and support it if it comes. Good arguments presented in video clip.     They have 500 bikes in 50 stations.  $5 -day, $15-16-week, $15-35-month, or $30-54-yr      cost varies by city many...
  Garage door -  curb appeal:   Are you fed up with looking daily at your boring garage door? Just stick a new decal on your door!      Make an impression on your neighbors !!   The German company "Style your Garage" makes posters for your garage door. Prices vary from $199 to $399 for a double ...
  WEEDING IN YOUR GARDEN?? chickens love to eat grass and weeds, look at this short clip: ok, so you need to get some chickens, and then you get some eggs!!! Just thought you would enjoy help weeding, I know I could save some money (paying people)....   Y...
  Green roofs - gardens up there video Suggestions for curbside appeal, when you don't have a curb ...... Also, just fun to consider upgrading a usually drab space.... Tokyo:     Seattle: Southern California: Herbs, veggies, flowers.... just begin with SOMETHING up there!!!
Green walls - I mean GREEN !! (plants)        click on this link for a great video of this wall architect:  wall video  Patrick Blanc is an awesome architect whom i admire. Here is his work at the Althenaeum in London:   I think it is lots of fun, not sure what the winter version looks like... wh...
Harsh Chemical Glossary:     Alkanol amines (also monoethanolamine, diethanolamine, triethanolamine) A class of synthetic solvents that are precursors to the carcinogen diethanolnitrosamine. Alkyl aryl sodium sulfonates (See Alkyl benzene sulfonates [ABS]) Alkyl benzene sulfonates or ABS (also li...
      Allergies, causes, - and treatment of w/ acupuncture An allergy is an immune system disorder that occurs when your body has an inflammatory, hypertensive reaction to what is a normally benign substance. Common conditions such as hay fever, eczema, hives and asthma are actually allergic reac...
Healthier eco-friendly Grass roofs?   Healthier eco-friendly Grass roofs? Grass roofs have been around for centuries, millennia? My home in Litchfield, CT where I lived as a kid had a complete grass roof, and a solar section facing south. My parents were Norwegian, and the huge hunting lodge in N...
  ACUPUNCTURE and Arthritis Pain   Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints of the body. While medicine has identified over 100 different forms of arthritis, there are some symptoms that are common in every variety. These include pain, stiffness, and inflammation, while extreme cases can ev...

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