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The Spring selling season is here.  With that brings of course buyers and buyers need information. One of the most important questions in the pre-qualification process is the necessary down payment.  As the professional, having the answers ready furthers your client's faith in you.First time home...
62% of households in the US include a pet.  While some of these homes house a cat or bird, a big percentage of them are dogs.  So what does that mean for you?  It's time to capitalize on that Google juice baby! Dog Parks have the ability to bring smiles and a sense of community to your town. Ther...
Ahhh Spring, with the blossoming cherry trees and daffodils popping up, it makes now a great time of year to work on one's curb appeal.  After all, we don't want potential buyers cruising by your listing without taking a peek because of a poor first impression!  Set the tone for what's to come......
We're less than a week out from the greenest day of the year...well besides Earth Day maybe. Saint Patrick's Day is Tuesday, March 17th and your community has events planned.  It's always a good idea to write up a quick post about the events.  Maybe things like: Fun Runs Bar Crawls Irish Meals Pa...
This weekend it's time to Spring Forward!   On Sunday March 8th, it's time to change the clocks one hour ahead. We may lose an hour but we're gaining more and more light as we continue to tilt closer to the sun.  I can already see the dog getting more walks, boat rides and outdoor movies! This is...
New homeowners, old homeowners, 2nd property owners and more are now searching for information regarding this year's tax breaks.  This is an excellent way for you to get in on a timely subject and expand your exposure online. Check out this post here regarding first time homebuyer tax credits for...
As your leaves begin to change (at least for some of us) and the kids are now in full swing at school, October presents some awesome opportunites for traffic to your blog. In the past, this time of year has been a great opportunity to write about some of the events happening in your area as a way...
This is a big, big one everyone!  Fourth of July posts generate massive amounts of traffic so be sure to light this firework! Need a template for a local event?  Here you go. Need some free images to include in your post?  Here you go.   Need a kick in the pants to do this?  Come on over ;) I can...
Living in Seattle means we don't have year-round Farmer's Markets like some of you in those sunshine states.  Last week our local farmer's market opened for the first time and will run through September. How about your community?  I was excited to search and read the blogs locals had written on n...
Sunday, June 15th is Father's Day.  I know I've already started looking for a gift as well as fun activities to take the old man to; so if I've started there are plenty of other daughters and sons doing the same. Getting your posts out now to ensure you maximize potential traffic.  What are the r...

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