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I posted a blog about a whirlpool pump gone bad and the resulting water show. Another funny experience with an appliance and water came to mind. I always check a dishwasher by opening the door in mid cycle. It tells me if the spinners are spinning and the washer is washing. A dishwasher is also s...
There was a cool waterfall in the house I inspected today. The sound of running water is supposed to be soothing. There was just one little problem. It was coming through the ceiling of a bedroom in the basement that was directly under the master bathroom and the whirlpool tub. New construction. ...
Last February the East Tennessee Chapter of ASHI had a 2 -day seminar for home inspector continuing education. We had a pretty good turn out, because most everyone was running around in a panic trying to get their hours before the deadline. Since the licensing term is two years, most of us do no...
Most of the time I really enjoy my job. I don't mind getting dirty. Close conditions don't bother me.....much. Even the yucky stuff doesn't rank all that high on the gab-o-meter.  However, yesterday's crawlspace was right up there. First of all I was under there for about 45 minutes. Thats' longe...
Frequently we see things that confirm that whoever made a repair may not have known everything they could about whatever they were working on. I'm sure that the plumber that worked on the house I inspected this morning thought he knew everything there was about plumbing. Everything that is except...
Sometimes we see things as inspectors that cause us to just shake our heads. It's most often a case of some sort of Bob Villa worship, and a desire to buy new tools and put them to use. It's just too bad that a lot of these weekend warriors don't understand WHY something is done they way it is, a...
The East Tennessee Chapter of ASHI is putting on it's 2nd annual continuing education seminar. There are 7 hours of ASHI and State of TN approved education, plus some food, plus the chance to get together with a group of inspector types to chew the fat and compare war stories. All home inspectors...
How about linking together with Facebook? I've got a couple other inspectors, but it would be great to have a larger network. Scott Patterson got me started. I'm still a newbie when it comes to this stuff, but I always have my daughter to show me the ropes. We've got a few more ASHI inspectors in...
I was touched by God today, and I have never been touched quite like this, ever. I was an expert witness in a case that went to trial last month. My clients bought a house that is sliding down a hill. The previous owners knew something was up, and actually covered some defects up. My clients hire...
I posted a blog a while back talking about individuals puffing up their resume on their web site or printed advertising. Puffing up, and just plain "making stuff up". or falsifying stats. What about that past life experience that really has nothing to do with the field of work you are in? Does i...

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