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Really?  New Jersey is a great place to live?  Is this the same NJ that is known for it's bad drivers and high taxes; where most people have only seen it from the back-seat of their car as they drive through on the dreaded NJ Turnpike? Although NJ has become the butt of many jokes, people still c...
With the help of the $8,000 and $6,500 tax credits, we can get the real estate market moving again. The government has made it easy to qualify for the credits, but getting the facts out can be challenging. If you, a family member or friend have been thinking about buying (or selling to move up, d...
Article: You lost your house - but you still have to pay Scary stuff for homeowners who face foreclosure. Unfortunately, we have seen foreclosure rates increase over the past few years due to the mortgage crisis and economy. In order to avoid the type of situation outlined in the article above, w...
As the world continues to "go green", manufacturers are focusing in on all types of resource conservation products. Learn how to upgrade your toilets, faucets, and shower heads to conserve water and money:       It's important for us all to chip in and do our part, and we'll benefit in the long r...
Ah yes, the classic question of "should I rent or should I buy".  Recently a friend asked me to keep it real and help him figure out what was better.  My answer, it honestly depends on your situation.  Generally, those looking for short term housing and who don't want to lock money up in one plac...
If you are a New Jersey resident, like me, then you know that NJ property taxes are one of the highest in the nation. NJ homeowners should have recently received a little green card in the mail with their property tax assessment from the township where they live. If you feel like your taxes are ...
On days like today, I'm glad to be a real estate professional.  Instead of having to drive to work, and then be sent home, I can simply work from home and spend time networking with the neighbors. With about of foot of snow on the ground already and more expected, what better time would there be...

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A Fresh Face in Real Estate, My Goal is to Help You Reach Your Goals! Jeffrey Lee is a licensed New Jersey Realtor at RE/MAX Champions specializing in Central New Jersey Real Estate including Middlesex, Somerset, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties. However, the material on this blog is intended for all potential home buyers, owners, and sellers regardless of geographical location. All you need to know when it comes to residential real estate. Interested in buying a home? Own a home and want to know the tips of taking care of it? Ready to move and need advice on selling? Or, just interested in Real Estate? Whatever the case, I'm here to give you what you need! Specializing in Buyer's Agency: I'll be sharing my step-by-step home buying process which I've used to serve my clients for the past 3 years. The process is a journey and requires care and attention, but it should also be FUN and lead to a decision that you can LIVE with (and IN) for as long as you would like. Marketing Expert: Since I know what buyer's want and are looking for, I know how to MARKET and sell a home in a BUYER's market. I'll give some insight into the minds of the new generation of home buyers and what it takes to sell in today's market. Common and Not So Common Sense Advice: I'll provide the tips of the trade to help you make your home as efficient and comfortable as possible, all the while keeping your mind and wallet sound. Market News and Updates: There's more to life than Real Estate, so let me worry about that for you. If there's relevant and important market news I'll discuss it here. Let's also chat about what's new and what's to come in our world, and the opportunity that lies ahead of us to make a positive impact.

Simple, interesting, informative, to the point, and most importantly, REAL so YOU can be sure when making one of the largest investments of your life!