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Jim Paulson's views of Boise Real Estate, real estate technology trends, and life here in the Treasure Valley. Jim Paulson has nearly 25 years of Boise Idaho real estate experience.
Did you know that 92% of the home buyers today are going online for their real estate needs?  Therefore, it is imperative that your home show it's best online before a buyer comes to see it in person!  Think about it, if your home is for sale and a buyer found it on Tinder, would a buyer swipe ri...
Even though I am not into selfie's today is a special day.  It is National Selfie Day 2018!No this is not FAKE news, but in case you want to verify it:  https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-selfie-day-june-21/Who knows what will happen if you follow the directions (since I have not ready them...
There have been lots of changes lately at the National Association of Realtors (NAR).  The only thing constant in this world today is in fact change itself.They thought about changing the LOGO but after spending countless hours and money, they appear to have tabled or abandoned that change.They a...
Marketing for a builder is completely different than marketing a resale listing.  It is imperative that a builder / developer understand this to make sure their agent is doing the best possible job for them.One main difference was covered in one of my Advanced Marketing Classes at Boise State Uni...
Saturday 3/31/2018, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PMPioneer Title Company8151 W Rifleman St, Boise ID Text LEARN to 208-450-3311 to register or call 208-739-9007.Buying a home may be closer than you think. Get ready to Fire your Landlord!Tired of paying your landlord's taxes and building his or her wealth ins...
Too many people assume if they see something generated by a computer formula or in print is has to be TRUE.  I think the last election process in the United States at least having people thinking more on the lines of "Trust But Verify".There are lots of computer Automated Valuation Models that tr...
Most people say each couple should have two children to replace themselves to obtain a Zero Population Growth.  However, I don't think that is accurate.If I was Adam and my wife was Eve and we started off on the world today, the earth's population would be 2.If my wife and I had two children at a...
There are lots of books, tapes, seminars, etc. on how to succeed. My formula is free and it is simple:A = Ability:  Do you have the ability (time, money, desire) to succeed?H = Happy:  Will your goals and the path to get there make you happy?A = Appreciation:  Will your efforts and investment app...
As a Realtor, it only makes sense to share my community and my travels with others.  I found a great way to do that is via becoming a Google Local Guide.I take photos (inside and out) of various local businesses and community resourses in the Boise area.  It really doesn't take much time and it i...
I just bought another real estate vehicle and will be getting custom license plates (vanity tags).  I sell real estate in Boise, Idaho and our standard license plates indicate the county you live in.  Therefore, if I am out in an adjacent county, it stands out.  That isn't always bad; however you...

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