After reading the Sunday Papers, watching a few early morning news programs, talking to colleagues, and working with two clients, one theme emerged and has stayed on my mind...  Priorities.  What are our priorities as a nation?  What are the priorities of those we elected to govern?  What are our...
The temperatures here at the Jersey Shore have been dropping all day and the wind is brutal, so I am staying inside - my ‘four legged' boys don't even want to stay outside - so after reading the Sunday Newspapers and latest breaking news stories - getting a little depressed about the predictions ...
If you read my bio intro, you will see I noted that I am both a Realtor and Educator.  In my endeavors in the area of education, I am have the ability to attend receptions and events at a local university that extend beyond the field of real estate.This week, I participated in a Dr. Martin Luther...
I have been reading too many on-line articles that are all gloom and doom - while we some of the predictions may come, my goal for today is to stay positive.  I keep a small motivational book on my desk - how to have a great day at work - and the thought for today is  that is important to schedul...

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