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I acknowledge that it is up to me to be intentional about making my life matter. Doing this calls for action, not excuses. If I want to make a difference... I have to be the difference wherever I am, with whatever I have, day after day. Each of us regardless of birth, circumstances, capacity or ...
I consciously choose to go beyond what is expected of me each day and to be aware of my contribution to the day.  We live in a time where the majority feels that we are doing well if we just do what is expected of us. However, the real joy and reward in life lies in stepping up and out and going...
I consciously choose to increase my capacity for growth by asking myself "How Can I " instead of  "Can I" . I realize Can I  questions my ability and puts self imposed limits fueled by doubt and fear on my dreams. How Can I believes there is a way and I just need to find it. It opens the door of ...
I acknowledge only God can prepare me with the wisdom and discernment necessary for each and every potentially coming "unglued" moment. I press in and am in gratitude for the times I dial in and use it to it's fullest power. However, once in awhile I miss the cue all together and fail. God gives...
I acknowledge fear can block the flow of strength God has for me. Fighting fear is counter productive. If I allow it to it can take energy up I can be using for something of higher and better purpose. It is hard to achieve next level living while boxed in or confined by fear. Instead I choose to...
I rejoice in the awareness of curiosity; seeing that failure is a sign of progress rather than a sign of weakness. It is impossible to be in a continual state of growth without sometimes failing. Knowing to ask myself why did the failure occur and how can I grow from this allows me to fail fast,...
I choose to live outside of any previously self-imposed box. As we grow up we tend to  things like they have always been done. We are conditioned as children to do life the way our parents or teachers want us to. To stay within the confines of their rules and expectations. My generations was one...
I know that to achieve my highest level I must be willing to make sacrifices and see the bigger picture.  James Allen said: "He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little, he who would achieve much must sacrifice much."  I choose to have an achieve mindset over an accomplish mindset. Accom...
I am thankful for the awareness that my strength is not limited to my own ability or resources. In the past I may have thought I walked by my own power. That I served in my own strength and was limiting my energy and my source to what I thought I could create. The truth is my Source is limitless...
I know I cannot improve and avoid change at the same time. Growth does not come form continually operating in my comfort zone. It is up to me to embrace change and push myself out of what feels comfortable. I work to develop my "growth muscle" knowing my greatest stretching season in life comes ...

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