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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.
Plaza Elections I was very curious about the Plaza elections, as 100 condo units out of 323 units are in the hands of the lender, that got the property from the developer in a bankruptcy case. The lender now owns 100 condo units besides the commercial space and the operation of the resort.There a...
Daytona Beach CondosHere is some Daytona Beach condos trivia (if there is such thing as condo trivia 🙂When saying Daytona Beach, we usually include 7 municipalities. Locals know them, but people out of the area tend to call everything Daytona Beach.Combined, these 7 municipalities have 274 condo ...
- Are There Condos For Sale in Danbury Breakers in Daytona Beach Shores?I receive calls and emails about particular condos in greater Daytona Beach area. I do not know why my callers are fascinated with a particular building, but too often, especially when it relates to smaller condos, my answer ...
3-bedroom condos for sale in MG on the Halifax MG on the Halifax is a unique two 26-story towers in Holly Hill just north of Seabreeze Bridge. 486-unit riverfront complex on 12 beautifully landscaped acres is one of the last condo projects built before the crisis hit Daytona and hit its hard. Yo...
I have lost hope in American exclusivity. The situation with President Trump showed me, that there is no such thing. Normal people, who were supposed to reject Trump on so many fronts, have shown the complicity beyond belief.It is funny how people who know very little about Russia, and sure do no...
Max Daytona Condo is Coming SoonWritten by Jon Zolsky on February 22, 2018Mushrooms usually come all at the same time. Condominium projects in Daytona Beach area grow pretty much the same way.We have not seen any sizable residential construction in Daytona Beach Shores since 2007. Then DiMucci st...
Palma Bella Market SnapshotPalma Bella in Daytona Beach Shores is one of the nicest oceanfront condominiums in the area. Built in 2007, this 80-unit building joined the ranks of a few real luxury condominiums.A decade ago when the market started falling, Palma Bella still had quite a few unsold u...
We have not seen any sizable residential construction in Daytona Beach area since 2007, and when DiMucci started building a 6-story oceanfront condo, then the developer started clearing the lot for Aruba, and construction should start any day now… and Max Daytona, the latest addition to condo dev...
Yesterday I received a request for information about a condo. On my website, I have all condos in the area, and because it is impossible (at least for me) to remember all the data, I use my site when I need to get a quick answer. On my site there is information about pets, sometimes very specific...
Turned the TV Valentine’s evening erupted in the news that you wouldn’t want to hear… But this is the news the nation hears too often…Let’s stop guns, let’s treat mentally ill, let’s report the strange behavior to authorities…and children keep dying senselessly…And even if you take AR-15 out of h...

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