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Sellers want to know why their homes aren't getting showings, what they need to do to make them sell fast, what impact the foreclosures are having on their home, what information (overload) should be deemed reliable...Is there a "silver bullet" that a Seller can have that will make them the exception? Maybe there is and it's right before their eyes!
Well I'm in Tn doing the "Grandma" thing for my two darling 6 and 3 yr old boys!  As much as I feel my days are endless working in real estate, I really forgot how demanding it is to be a parent!   We've been meandering in the Franklin, Brentwood areas and can't help but notice all the 'For Sale"...
The media has definitely made a point...all of our financial woes must be tied to the real estate market right?  If the greedy lenders/investors hadn't taken advantage of the unrealistic expectaions of the home buyer ($500K home with no money down on a salary of $50K per year) then we would be in...
Is it a good or bad thing that the "Bailout" didn't pass muster?  Guess it depends on what side of the fence you're on.   Actually, though, it might be a beneficial that it got some extra scrutiny before it was pushed through.  Maybe they'll even close some potential loopholes.  Time will tell, I...
Over the last few weeks the media has blasted us with gloom and doom.  Although I have tried to limit my exposure to all the negativity, it is a fine line between being oblivious to todays challenges (head in the sand) and being enlightened and informed. In my true "Scarlett O'Hara" role, I decid...
We know it is a Buyers' Market...who could miss it with the media screaming it out daily!  But what does that mean??  We hear "I want a deal".  What exactly is a deal?  Most Buyers have not taken it to the next level and have not zeroed in on precisely what a deal is to them.  If in our education...
So much confusion about the housing market...a true information overload and it's hard to know what to believe! To oversimplify, it is all about supply and demand.  In a nutshell, if we can get our distressed inventory off the market, then we will be able to move forward in a more normal manner. ...

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My mission is to protect my clients from real estate nightmares...I take care of all the details. Buyers and Sellers are so confused with all the information regarding the market...I'll try to address some of the daily issues I work with.