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All about low down payment Jumbo Home Mortgages. 90% and 95% Jumbo financing. VA Jumbo Mortgage.
In many parts of DC, the thought of getting a jumbo loan is almost an automatic as home values in certain pockets are much higher compared to other parts of the country. Currently, the conforming loan limit, those issued using guidelines established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is $453,100 for s...
 If you look back over the last decade, back to 2008, there’s no doubt the real estate market today looks nothing like it did back then. 2008 was really the starting point for the real estate market collapse that many say began in California and spread out. That’s really not true as market condit...
 A mortgage is considered "Jumbo" when the loan amount exceeds the base conforming loan limit of $453,100 throughout most of nation. However, most of California is considered a high-cost area and the conforming loan limits are higher - up to $679,650 in some locations like LA and San Francisco.  ...
  Jumbo mortgage rates are pretty competitive today and many borrowers financing luxury properties Pittsburgh are seeing if leveraging these low rates make better sense compared to making a traditional 20 percent down payment. Keeping as much cash as possible working in equities, mutual funds or ...
Property values have continued a nice rebound across North Carolina in recent years, especially Charlotte.  As a result, mortgage companies are starting to pull back on Jumbo loan qualifying requirements and allowing for higher loan to value. In fact qualified home buyers can now secure up to 95%...
Michigan home buyers now have more Jumbo loan options with low down payments.  In fact, qualified borrowers can finance up to 95% loan to value.  This is good news for home buyers in high-cost locations of Grand Rapids, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, etc.  The housing market has expanded a l...
The housing market has continued to show signs of improvement in Ohio. As a result, select mortgage companies are starting to loosen mortgage qualifying requirements and allowing for lower down payments on Jumbo loans.  A Jumbo loan is a loan amount that exceeds the conforming loan limits of $453...
 For 2018 the new base conforming loan limit was increased to $453,100 in New York. Certain "high-cost" counties like Dutchess, Nassau, Kings, Orange, Richmond, Rockland and Suffolk among others have new limits up to $679,650.  Loans that are considered "conforming" are those underwritten by guid...
 Jumbo home financing with only 5% down payment is now available for qualified home buyers throughout Missouri. If you plan to purchase a home $1,500,000 or less, you may have financing options up to 95% loan to value. Buyers with 10% down have options to 2.5mil. These programs are especially goo...
Financing a higher end home typically means taking a jumbo loan instead of a conforming. Current conforming loan limits issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently $424,100 in Texas and should remain the same through 2018. Loan amounts above this limit in Bexar County are considered high b...

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