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 The Food and Drug administration announced Wednesday that some eggs being sold at Publix supermarkets have been recalled due to a potential for salmonella exposures. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???You have to actually read more than one article to put the whole story together!  So here we go...Rose Acre F...
Did you know that Brass door knobs disinfect themselves?          Several metals including brass, copper, aluminum, iron, lead and silver are antimicrobial, AND they kill bacteria!  And brass is the most antimicrobial of them all!
FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency is the entity the oversees Federal Flood Insurance.  Some of the changes allow Homeowners to switch to private insurance if they can get better coverage without having to keep their Federal insurance at the same time.  Also owners that live in a State ...
Some parts of the US that were previously eligible under the Rural Housing Program, may no longer qualify since the Government has recently changed what it considers to be a "Rural Area".  Likewise those areas previously ineligible may now qualify.  You can go to their website at
Outside contractors should be kept that way.  Recently some elderly homeowners were targeted by some men posing as tree removal contractors.  But don't think it can't happen to you....They are asking the homeowner to show them the property line, while one or two others slipped inside the home, ma...
Across Florida, Hurricane Irma has so far generated almost 1 million claims to all insurance carriers from policy holders. with only 1/2 of those claims, just under 500,000 have been closed with payments.However there are another 293,229 that were closed with no payment, primarily because the dam...
You've seen the flyer on the lamp post, and or the street corners saying "will buy your house for cash"  right?  You may have even received one of those post cards in the mail right? Well they never really say how much cash right?  They say any condition... so they must be talking about you right...
How's the market?  That seems to be the question on everyones lips today.  Well while the market may vary from location to location, overall you will find that we are now in a home "sellers" market.  But on top of that the inventory of available homes on the market still make it difficult for buy...
Now that's a pretty important question to know the answer to in advance because you can risk losing thousands of dollars if you decide not to purchase a home after you have gone past your inspection period. there are actually two answers: If the Contract is the AS-IS, calendar days are used. If t...
The short answer to that is yes!  But the better answer is that it depends on the house itself.  You may qualify financially for a mortgage loan, but the house may not be the one that qualifies for the loan.  Yes, the house has to qualify.  When a bank is lending money for a property, and a lot o...

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