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Here's a simple, reasonably quick, inexpensive way to add to your traffic.  Pick some aspect of your community, get your camera and start snapping.  Collect basic info about each of the images and upload all to a gallery where it can serve as a image directory for that area.  Not only is it quic...
Years ago I toiled as a computer programmer.  Maybe you don't know this, but one of the bad traits of "my people" is that we often discount or trivialize the effort it takes to create software. Because it had been a few years since I had written any code, I wanted to try an experiment to see if I...
It just makes me cringe when someone in business sends me an email and instead of their domain, they have @comcast.net or even worse, @aol.com. That to me screams they're either clueless or they just don't care. Most common lame excuse: "I've had this address for a long time and it would be too m...
With the advancement of content management systems like Joomla, Wordpress and even ActiveRain, the adding and maintenance of posts becomes a snap because the need for HTML skills are replaced with WYSIWYG editors.Some thoughts on this:  1.  No standards exist to make editors all behave the same w...
Someone recently asked what does it take to write a good website proposal?  They didn't tell what the site was, what it would do, if it already existed, ...  all they had was a maximum budget.  Here was my answer:The construction cost of a website is based on what it does and how much function/co...
Recently we updated a2WiFi.com because we were holding the Best Of Awards and decided to expand the Google ads from one to four.   What's interesting about this?   Well, not sure if it's really interesting at all... but we used to get nothing but WiFi related ads.   How to install one, where to b...
If you're like everyone else I know, you spend lots of time on your cell phone.  You have a "package" from your cell provider that gives you x number of minutes.   If you go over that limit, expect one large scary bill.    They will not warn you.   No simple email "heads-up" to let you know that ...
A small agent office (5 people) wanted to upgrade their network and PCs.   They've never had anything installed properly -- much like how we've all done...  Run to Best Buy, purchase something,  use CD install wizard, plug things in, then make a mental plan to circle back and clean up the wires, ...
When I'm writing something, I don't always finish it in one sitting.  A new proposal or a whitepaper can take hours, as can a good blog.   Creating posts/stories or documenting successful business practices is something best done, a little bit every day.This is about how I remind myself to keep a...
I know this is a boring post, but I said I would put this up here in my last, so here ya go.Firefox will spell check in textarea fields (the place where you type your posts) but, by default, does not check in  text input fields, such as where you enter the title.To get FF to check spelling up the...

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